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Legal methods can help exacerbate sexual sensations

Legal methods can help exacerbate sexual sensations

We guarantee it will be the best sex of your life. It is not only possible, but also necessary to  exacerbate your sensations in sex. To do this, we recommend that you follow a few rules.

Did you know that food can make your sensation brighter? For example peanut, bananas, chocolate and dates.

Avocado, buckwheat, lettuce, beef liver can also enhance nerve impulses. Focus on green vegetables. These foods are believed to help keep in touch with the penis.

Beer will give a bright orgasm. This is due to the fact that it quickly accumulates in the bladder, then begins to press on the prostate, as well as the small muscles of the pelvis. The famous “Bloody Mary” cocktail will not only relax, but also increase sexual desire.

If you are going to have casual sex with a stranger, and you are shy, then eat cod or eggs. These food products will help you relax before sex and get rid of anxiety as well as get ready for the second intercourse.

Romantic music, candles and incense sticks will help you tune in to a sexy mood. Dim the lights, choose beautiful bedding, put on a mirror so you and your partner can admire the curves of your bodies.