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The Briton made a proposal with the help of a robot

The Briton made a proposal with the help of a robot

Ben Hogan, a British mobile app developer, decided to propose to his beloved, using a Starship robot that delivers orders from stores to people during a period of self-isolation.

Typically, Starship Technologies' robots deliver food to those in quarantine in Milton Keynes, in the southeastern United Kingdom.

But the developer's beloved Sherri liked these robots so much that on Christmas Eve the man asked the company  to send one of them with a wedding ring to Kempston, where the couple lives.

According to Ben Hogan, despite being a geek, Sherri is actually obsessed with robots.

The man did not expect that the company would be able to fulfill his request. They did not have robots in the place where the couple was based. Ben is surprised at the magic the company used to get the robot to travel so far, but he is sincerely grateful for it.

Ben and Sherry started dating before the first lockdown in the UK and then decided to live together. The wedding date depends on the situation with the coronavirus pandemic in the country.

The couple really wants the robot to deliver the rings to the altar.

Reference. The British company Starship Technologies, which develops unmanned robotic ground vehicles, launched a robotic delivery service in Milton Keynes in the spring of 2020.

Starship robots are capable of delivering groceries from supermarkets and other small items. To do this, you need to place an order through a special application.

The company had been operating in the city for 2 years before the outbreak of the pandemic, but it was the social distancing rules and self-isolation that increased the demand for a robotic delivery service.