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Male erogenous zones and spots

Male erogenous zones and spots

When it comes to male erogenous zones, everybody thinks of penis, which is not at all surprising. However, a recent study of 6,000 men refutes the ingrained belief that a penis runs the show.

However, more on that later. First, some more fun statistics for you.

Researcher Victoria Milan conducted a survey among 6 thousand men from different countries (Belgium, Greece, Czech Republic, Australia, South Africa, France, Spain). It turned out that 72% would like a woman to take up the running and be the first to start foreplay. 42% cited touching the right place as one of their key sexual triggers.


The top 10 most sensitive spots on the male body looks like this:

● lower abdomen;

● the back surface of the legs;

● feet;

● eyelids;

● neck;

● buttocks;

● inner surface of the thigh;

● genitals;

● ears;

● chin.

A bit unexpected, isn't it?