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Man from behind: 7 positions for bright orgasms

Man from behind: 7 positions for bright orgasms

Many couples love the famous "doggy style" pose, but there are other positions in which the man is in the back. We highly recommend giving them a try. Add some oil to the fire, invite your man to experiment.

Best doggy style sex positions

Classic "Doggy Style" in front of the mirror

The advantage of the pose is that it maximizes the effect on the G-point. It's a bit wild which excites many women. You can spice it up. Make love in this pose in front of the mirror. Have a man slap you on the ass lightly during intercourse. If you don't like aggressive sex and prefer romance, have your partner pet you gently.

Rely on a partner

This position is perfect for making love with extreme elements, for example, in one of the public places. Stand on the rung of a staircase or a large curb with your back to the man, rest your shoulders on his chest. You need to lean on him and spread your legs. In this position, the man is in the back. If you don't feel like risking your reputation and making love in crowded places, try this pose at home, sitting on the edge of your bed. But so that your man can penetrate you, get ready to squat down.

Washing the floor

Do you think this pose is identical to the classic doggy style? - your opinion is wrong. During intercourse, in addition to stimulating the G-spot, a man will also be able to influence your clitoris. If the ground suddenly starts to slip out from under your feet, you will feel that you are losing your balance, rest your palms on the floor.

To make this pose as comfortable as possible, lean your hands on the scattered pillows on the floor.

Into the pool with your head

The Kama Sutra says that this pose is suitable for experienced users, because it is not easy. You need to get down on your knees and put your head in your hands. Your partner, sitting in the back, should lift you by the ankles. It is important that your body is perpendicular to the floor so that it can penetrate you. Make sure your knees are bent. This pose has many of the benefits of a traditional dog-style pose. The difference is that during intercourse, your boyfriend will be able to perform circular frictions, stimulating points in the vagina that you did not know about.

Standing position

The hardest part in this sexual position is to maintain balance. After he is inside you, put your palms on your knees. This will ensure the stability of your position. In the process of intercourse, a man needs to hold you around the waist with his hands. This is a great position for intense sex. The main role in it is assigned to the man, but, despite this, you can also take an active part in the process. You must move in sync with the increasing frequency of frictions. Use your free hand to caress the clitoris. The Kamasutra assures you that you will peak together.

"Princess on the Pea"

Do you remember the fairy tale "The Princess and the Pea"? Why don't you play it? Build a mountain of pillows, lean against it, and spread your legs so that your partner is behind. This position will provide you with maximum body contact and excellent stimulation of the G-spot. When you feel the closeness of orgasm, slowly lean back. You need to saddle your lover and start performing intense frictions. So you can enhance not only your own, but also his feelings.

Stairway to Heaven

Passion overtook you on the way home? Do you feel like making love immediately? Find the stairs in the basement and stand on one of the steps. In this position, the man is behind. This adventure will remain in your memory for a long time and it's not just about the chance of being caught. The Stairway to Heaven pose will allow him to penetrate you at the optimal angle, to intensely influence the G-spot. You will have the opportunity to squeeze and unclench the muscles of the vagina, increase pleasure. The main thing is not to shout too loudly so that all the residents of the house do not know about your fun.