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Many Chinese women lose their sex clients

Many Chinese women lose their sex clients

One Chinese woman admitted that she had to change her nationality to Asian on customer search sites, because otherwise, she didn't have any clients at all. Everyone was afraid of getting the coronavirus from her. In addition, while she provides a discount on her services in the amount of 50%. If she used to charge $ 180 a night, now she's happy to work for $ 90. However, according to her, there are significantly fewer customers. Even though there are big discounts.

According to many human rights activists, these are troubled times for Chinese prostitutes. Customers do not want to buy sex, because they are afraid of catching a dangerous virus. The union is concerned. They want to maintain the average level of wages among night butterflies.

Activists note that they strongly recommend that all sex workers be constantly vaccinated and monitored in order to avoid contracting the disease.

Prostitutes complain that the sex industry has never been in such decline.

One of the girls gave an interview to New Zealand media, where she said that she has lived in this country for more than eight years. But for the locals, she is no different from a prostitute who has just arrived from the epicenter of the coronavirus – Wuhan. She is also dismissed as a leper. Now the attitude towards the Chinese is more than bad. Many openly demonstrate their dislike and nationalism.

It is interesting that previously newly arrived employees of the sex industry were in incredible demand among regular customers. And now everything has changed. Everyone is trying to give preference to old-fashioned ladies with an impeccable reputation.

It is also reported that all the girls are now resorting to the use of additional protection measures in their work. They do not accept clients who have a fever, as well as signs of SARS. All clients take a shower in the presence of a prostitute so that she can make sure that the client is clean. Kissing on the lips is also temporarily prohibited. Also, girls constantly wipe their hands with an antibacterial agent, so as not to get infected with anything. Security measures are 100% met.

The girls are worried and sympathize with each other. It's a shame that this has affected the work of those Chinese women who have never been to China. Many girls are faced with nationalism and this is not good.

We remind you that in New Zealand, prostitution is absolutely legal. Prostitutes have their own Union, which takes care of them and monitors their well-being. Only citizens of the country or those who have a residence permit can work in such a job. It is believed that most prostitutes are Chinese women. However, as shown by an audit conducted last year, about 70 migrants were found in 57 brothels. Half of them did not have residence permits, but only student or tourist visas. All these girls were Chinese.