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Named ten secrets of the best sex in life, which can be learned from porn movies

Named ten secrets of the best sex in life, which can be learned from porn movies

A porn film is also a movie genre; therefore, there are many staged scenes. However, there is also something in porn that helps to make the sex life of the layman much brighter and more pleasant.

Frequent change of locations

Imagine that in your life with your partner there will no longer be a bed. What will happened now, will you stop making love? The answer is incorrect. You may practice sex on a table, a roof, a clearing, a floor, in an elevator, a car and a cafe. Subject is to strict compliance with the rules of hygiene, of course.

Variety of positions

Are your knees and back still sore from two and a half poses? Then finally buy the "Kama Sutra" or watch some high-quality adult movies to borrow new movements. This will be useful not only for sexual life, but also for physical health.

Beautiful bed linen

It is only in amateur videos that you can see a flowered bed sheet given by your grandmother for coming of age. In a high-quality porn movie, if the action takes place in bed, then it is very stylish and beautiful. Mostly it is silk in red, pastel and dark tones.

Well-groomed bikini area

Of course, there are couples who advocate 100 percent naturalness in everything. However, if you and your partner have a different opinion, then the bikini area definitely needs to be put in order.

Long foreplay and oral sex

Caresses are an indispensable part of even quick sex in the same way as a blowjob and cunnilingus. So do not take them as part of the plot in porn, but try to make these processes as pleasant as possible for yourself and your partner.

Compliments to your partner

Don't tell a man in bed that he's great at making scrambled eggs. But to whisper in his ear that he perfectly fries you, you can and even need. All compliments in bed should be related to sex and the strengths of the partner.

Experiments with sex toys

There are a huge number of sex toys, and they are so different that each couple is guaranteed to be able to find something pleasant and interesting for themselves in a sex shop.

It is a mistake to think that sex gadgets are necessary only for couples who have lost passion in a relationship. Even more: just to avoid this, it is recommended to use vibrators, stimulants, pulsators and other curious sex devices.


And it may not be quite easy, of course, if the partner does not mind. In other situations, experiment with blindfolding, bondage, and light lashings to add extra spice to your night of love.

Sexy underwear

Comfortable panties with a bunny on the ass - it's cute, but not sexy. Lace and silk underwear and a sword belt are quite another matter. Erotic underwear may be found both in an ordinary store and in a sex shop. However, in the latter, the range will clearly be more interesting.

The speed and spontaneity

You can imagine what intimacy will be in the car, if there are only you and your partner, and there is a traffic jam around, and you can not see the end or the edge of it. Or when you are late for a friend's birthday, but the desire suddenly took hold of you right in the hallway. Great plot for porn, isn't it?

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