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5 options for spoon positions in sex and its advantages

5 options for spoon positions in sex and its advantages

Making love in the spoon position is a lot of fun. This position combines the benefits of sex and hugging. Many people like it, but sometimes you want something more.

Other positions won't give you that close contact, but it can be improved.

Serving spoons

Even minor innovations will do good. Your partner should lie on his back, and you should be in a similar position from above. Bring your legs together to sharpen the sensations. Lower your hips slightly, so that the clitoris is in contact with the glans penis. Lubricate his fingers with lubricant and press them to your thighs from the inside, let him stroke you during the action.

Doggy style

For more vivid sensations, sitting on your side, move forward and stay in a fetal position, as if you are in doggy style, but still lying. The feet need to be hidden between his legs in order to better feel the maneuvers of the man.

Cheeky spoons

A great option for those who like quick sex. Put your foot on his thigh, and he put his hand on yours - move, catching the rhythm of his movements. If you sit closer to the wall, you can rest your hand against it to sharpen the sensations.

Spoons in water

Perfect position for those wishing to relax in the bathroom. Let the man sit in the bath, and you on top. Then you will need a mobile shower. But you can do without it, caress each other with your hands.

Silver spoons

The position is suitable for beginners in anal sex. A man will not put pressure on you with his body. Buy a lubricant beforehand. For maximum enjoyment, you can use a vibrator.