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Oral technique «Purple haze»

Oral technique «Purple haze»

Having tried this technique on an enthusiastic Guinea pig, I declare with all responsibility: it will make a man lose consciousness. I hasten to share with you my knowledge on a voluntary basis and for free. Women, urgently learn to suck so!

My friend told me that when he served in the army abroad, he met a prostitute who sucked in the way described below, and it was the best blowjob in his life. Intrigued, I pulled the details out of him, tried it all out, and then returned to my new guru for more insight.

Blowjob «Purple haze»: invaluable knowledge “Purple haze”, described by Maiden Pieria

Women have different attitudes to blowjob. For one it is sharply unpleasant, others do not object, but also do not test special pleasure, and to some it delivers sincere pleasure. But men on a well-executed blowjob, it seems, react the same. There is no divergence of views: they all roll their eyes, cry out to the Creator and enjoy to the fullest.

The art of blowjob is valued far above its poor relative, handjob, which is usually associated with unpretentious teenage satisfaction and, frankly, is considered boring, at least from the point of view of the giving partner. Ironically, the best blowjob technique I know is half mouth and half hand.

A blowjob – a guide to action

First of all, learn by heart a new mantra: «rhythm and hydration.» I repeat, because it is impossible to exaggerate the importance of this factor: rhythm-and-hydration, rhythm-and-hydration.

Start mastering the technique with a patient partner. My partner belongs to this category and, nevertheless, at first my experiments he was slightly bewildered. But without training, you cannot do and, I hope, your man, like mine, will gladly agree to be tested.

He should be excited. Do it in any way you like: you may stick your foot in his pants; you may crawl by your ass on his knees, by word you may do anything you like. The main thing in order for you to start is his penis must be erected at least half.

Remember the mantra: rhythm-and-hydration. So if you're squeamish about spitting on your hands, thank you, but I'm sorry, you're free. Slobber all over him, from the hole on the glans penis to his testicles. It should be very wet. Carry your tongue around the base; smack your mouth around the glans. Now is the time to take advantage of stocks for the collectors of flavored lubricants. When he reaches the condition, you may start your aria.

I work at a suck-clap-slide-squeeze pace, focusing entirely on the glans penis. The shaft of the penis is involved to a very small extent, only as a place where I intercept the penis from one hand to another. So, putting one hand at the base of the penis, squeeze the lips with a ring around the glans and suck, as if sucking a thick milkshake through a narrow straw, tightly wrapping the lips around the lower edge of the glans to enhance the impact. Then, continuing to suck, shake your head up, the penis will pop out of your mouth with a characteristic light pop. At the same moment that the penis comes out of the mouth, slide your hand all over the penis, from the base to the glans. At the same time, as soon as the hand begins to move, the second hand immediately falls into its place. Slide, tightly squeezing the penis until it pops out of the palm, and then immediately back into the mouth. Suck-clap-slide-squeeze, as if soaping and rinsing with mouth and hands, until he forgets his name.

Rhythm-and-hydration ... damn, sorry, no illustrations.

The subtleties of blowjob

Remember: the effectiveness of the technique is provided by the combination of the mouth and hands activities, the best that these different sensations give is combined in their tandem. Pay attention to the nuances of the partner's reaction: all men are different, and each has his own particularly sensitive points.

I usually use both hands, working with wet and slippery palms, but it's possible to use one.

...Hand movement should be «rounds», that is not difficult if you call for help common sense. When you move your hand up, you're not just jerking it along the penis. I want say, that you need to compress firmly, but affectionately, after all in your tasks not enters to do him painful for (ah, in my tasks this accurately not enters). So, when you're running your hand up his cock and the fingers reach the glans, quickly and tightly clench your fist a little harder, give him a second or two to feel the wet surface of the palm wrapped around his cock, and then make it slip out of your closing fingers.

Take a beer bottle, squeeze the neck with your hand and slide up. Imagine that the ribbed top is the glans penis. You need to maximize the contact surface of the penis with your hand. To do this, instead of continuing to just raise your hand, close your fingers round your palm, gather it in a handful and cover the glans from above. I may add that if you still move your thumb over the hole in the glans penis, you will hear a happy «Ah!» by making every movement.

And don't lose your rhythm. Work steadily; do not forget that everything must always be very wet. Trust me, it won't take long.

Use this technique on health. Good luck!