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Pleasant sex positions for men

Pleasant sex positions for men

If a woman doesn't mind taking the lead, then it makes sense to try some sex positions - the man will definitely be pleased. Let's have a look at these positions

Close contact

Lie on your stomach, rest on your palms and lift your pelvis up, then invite the man to penetrate from behind. Now squeeze your spread legs together for a stronger sensation for both you and your partner.

Alternative cowgirl

When your man is sitting in front of the TV, leaning back in his chair, sit on his lap with your back to his face. Direct his penis inward, and wrap your hand between your legs (you can additionally caress his testicles, gently rolling them in your palms or gently pulling them back).

Private dance

Another way to please a man while he is watching TV is  a lap dance. Hug your partner, rub against him with your appetizing forms, whisper some dirty words to his ear, and when a movie or a football match begins, feel free to start a blowjob. In fact, this is an erotic fantasy of the majority of men.

Best show

If you want to distract a man from watching a football maatch, try the folowing: sit on top of him, rest your feet on the sofa and spread your legs wide. As a result, he will be faced with a difficult choice - to watch you or stare at the screen.

Modern geisha

Sometimes even the most innocent gestures stick into the memory more than hot moments - it's time to make sure of this. When the man sits down in front of the TV, surprise him: enter the room completely naked, taking with you a cream or massage oil. Sit near his feet and start rubbing them gently, paying attention to each finger (there are many important points on them), then you can massage his palms. He will surely do the same for you!