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Poses for unforgettable sex

Poses for unforgettable sex

Even if you don't have a partner right now, it doesn't stop you from discovering the boundaries of your sexuality on your own. The absence of a partner is not a reason to deprive yourself of an orgasm.

Sometimes, masturbation may be much more interesting than sex in a couple. We talk about 5 poses for a solo orgasm.

1. Water balance. This pose is perfect if you decide to spend a SPA evening. Choose the most beautiful candles and light them in the bathroom. Take a bath. Be sure to use a nice shower gel. You can use a "bath bomb". After taking a bath, turn on the tap. And make yourself comfortable. The water must have the right pressure and a comfortable temperature. In this case, your feelings will go on increasing. If you want to prolong your pleasure, you can try alternating the water temperature. Make it hotter and colder. You may also use one completely proven and working scheme. You may use a shower head.

2. Double-tap. In order to get pleasure, lie down on your back. One of your hands needs to be put back. Place the second one as you do in the classic version on top. So you may stimulate the clitoris, but not only. With your fingers, you may get into the vagina. The orgasm will be achieved many times faster.

3. The help of friends. In order to masturbate in this way, you will need two sex toys – vibrator and dildo. Each of them will be responsible for a specific zone. You may alternate them. In the end, let both toys bring pleasure at the same time.

4. Put your hands down. This pose is the most sensual. In order to please yourself, lie down on your stomach and put your hands down. Consider the fact that you must move your hands freely. This way, you may easily find the desired areas with your fingers. In this position, you may easily stimulate the clitoris and g-spot.

5. Mirror games. This is the most common version of masturbation. It is considered a classic. All you need to do is masturbate in front of a mirror. You'll need a large floor-length mirror. You will definitely enjoy watching yourself. Make yourself comfortable and you can see everything. Pleasure is guaranteed.