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Express orgasm: 5 poses with maximum stimulation of the clitoris

Express orgasm: 5 poses with maximum stimulation of the clitoris

The clitoris is the same magic button, with the stimulation of which women can easily reach the cherished culminating point.

If you do not want to work on an orgasm for a long time, pay attention to the positions given below. They will provide you with excellent sex with a happy ending.

A love triangle: a lying position, a position on his side, he's on top

We are not suggesting that you have a threesome. Taste this voluptuous sex position where a man acts as the dominant party. Lie down on the bed, lift your legs, while the right one should be moved to the side so that it is at right angles to the body, and grasp your right knee with your right hand. The man kneels between your legs and enters you. In this position, you are completely open; therefore, the lover can caress your clitoris and describe circles with a penis that will give you incredibly pleasant, hitherto unknown sensations. Move your pelvis in time with his frictions, and soon you will reach the desired discharge.

Dessert spoon: position on the side, he is on top

The position on the side of the "Spoon" is a perfect option for a leisurely intimacy immediately after waking up. Soft, slow, not very deep frictions will wake you up completely, and after a little time you will already want energetic actions. But to enhance the sensations, it is not necessary to change the position – you may just slightly modify it. Lift the leg that lies on top; ask your partner to perform more active frictions and put his fingers on your own clitoris. Soon his penis will reach the cherished G-spot, and sensual intercourse will end with a mind-blowing orgasm. By the way, during intimacy, you may caress his testicles.

Sexy pruner: lying position, he is on top

This is a position for true sex gourmets who like to indulge in passion in the office or in the kitchen. Lie down on the table, throw your legs over the shoulders of your lover, he is on top. When he inserts his penis into you, ask him to cross your legs. Let the man put your legs together and spread them during the movements. This will ensure that the vagina is squeezed and unclenched, so that it will then wrap around the penis in a tight ring, and then relax. Of course, this position is suitable only for sports ladies. If you're not a regular at the gym, you'll run out of steam pretty quickly in the process. By the way, this position helps not only to achieve a vaginal orgasm, but also to train the muscles of the lower press.

Wedge by wedge: position on the side, she is on the bottom

This option is recommended for fans of new sensations. The reins of power are in the hands of a man. Lie on your side, lift one leg and stretch the other out on the bed. The partner inserts the penis into you from a sitting position; your raised leg is on his shoulder. In this position, the man may move back and forth, up and down, or describe circles with his phallus. A man may slightly rise and fall during frictions – this will allow you to find the angle of penetration that can give the most piquant sensations. At the same time, you may caress your clitoris with your free hand.

Dragon: lying position, she is from below, he is from behind

Does your man usually cum ahead of you? Then we need to reduce his ardor a little. Offer him a position where the woman is at the bottom, but also shows activity. Lie on your stomach, put a pillow under your hips and slightly spread your legs. Your partner lays down on you with his whole body and makes slow circular movements. This position does not mean fast sex; it is created for unhurried sensual movements. By the way, you may actively participate in the process yourself. Move your hips in time with his movements; this will increase the feeling of your unity. A man may caress your neck and back with his tongue, as these are extremely sensitive areas of the female body. And a nice bonus: since your clitoris will rub against the pillow, in this position you will reach orgasm very quickly, or maybe more than one. Try, love each other and experiment to the delight of yourself and your partner!

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