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In warmth and comfort: 8 positions for the most tender autumn sex

In warmth and comfort: 8 positions for the most tender autumn sex

We have already named the most comfortable position for sex, if the apartment has cold batteries and warm blankets. Autumn is a time when it is worth adding warmth to sex.

At this time, you should show your partner how much you love him/her and get the same love from him/her. And all this is under a warm blanket, even before the start of the heating season.


The partner sits on the edge of the bed, puts his feet on the floor. While he supports the woman with his hands, under her arms, she leans back very carefully.

It is necessary to engage in sex together. This is important so that you can catch the rhythm. This pose is very sensual and open.

Deep relationships

This position is most comfortable when the batteries are cold and if you have a warm blanket. The woman should lie on her belly. She may place one hand under her, which will allow her to further stimulate the clitoris. If it is convenient, you should put a pillow under your thighs. The partner should lie on top and throw a blanket over himself. You need to move gently, but in such a way that both become hot.

Head to head

This position may rightfully be considered the most appropriate for embracing. When you have sex, the partner gently kisses the breast and neck of the partner, and she immediately wraps her arms and legs around him. This position is also very cozy for having sex under a blanket. And from this position, you may easily move to any other position that you like.

Handcarts games

In this case, the woman needs to lie down with her breasts on any soft surface. Her thighs should be on the partner's thighs. At this point, the woman will have to wrap her legs around her partner's waist. But it should be understood that this pose does not involve deep penetration. But there is also a plus, the partner will be able to caress his chosen one, fondle her.

Side shears

You may think that this pose is not the easiest. However, it is worth paying attention to it. You will definitely like it. In this position, the woman should lie on her side. The man lies down directly behind her. In general, this pose is very convenient and comfortable for both women and men.

Cheerful pictures

This pose is very gentle. After all, in this position, you are supposed to watch exactly how your favorite woman masturbates, and she does it without being shy of you looking from the side.


In this position, the partner should put one arm around her and start stimulating the clitoris with the other. This pose is simple, but brings a lot of fun.

Back to tantra

This pose is suitable if a woman wants to merge with a partner, to send with him as one. This is one of the variations of the pose that is called a rider. Just keep in mind that it is better for the partner to lean on something that will be convenient, because you will not be able to sit in this position for a long time.