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Prostitute's revelations about sex with married men

Prostitute's revelations about sex with married men

We talked with a "moth" specialized in high-end prostitution. We learned from her why such girls consider themselves smarter than many and how they help to save the marriage of married men. We spoke naturally on the condition of absolute anonymity.

Here's what Valeria told us.

About the fact that I was a prostitute, only my mother knew, a loved one (because of him I gave up this business) and a few friends. My mother took it hard. She doesn't think prostitution is acceptable, even though she hardly blamed me for my work. And I didn't try to explain anything. We were just aware of everything and didn't talk about it.

The situation changed after I met the man I fell in love with. My love was enough to give up prostitution forever. I would not do it because of the material component although. In six months of working in this field, I was able to buy an expensive car, buy clothes in expensive stores, and eat in the best restaurants. I recently turned 25.

My story will be a disappointment to anyone who thinks prostitutes are drug addicts and alcoholics. This is not true. My choice was deliberate. As soon as I wanted to leave the game, I did. I will tell you how the situation was in reality.

There is an opinion that all "moths" are fools. Supposedly, a smart woman would be better off washing floors for three kopecks. Sleeping with wealthy men is immoral. Complete nonsense! To engage in elite prostitution is to some extent prestigious. This is not given to every girl. To arouse the interest of wealthy men is not so easy. One beautiful body is not enough, you also need a brain. I know several languages, I have a sense of style (few people want to undress an unattractive woman); I know how to maintain a conversation.

I have often had to go on "business trips". The wealthy cavaliers paid for my accommodation, meals, and tickets in full. And I gave them hot sex in return.

My services were often used by married men. And I don't feel sorry for their legal spouses: they usually do fine.

Most likely, these are lovely women who sincerely love their life partners, and are grateful for their comfort. The whole point is that these men are complete brutes, not revealing themselves to their own family. They don't share their weird sexual fantasies with their wives, but they do with me.

I did everything they wanted. It was easier for them; they got the service for their money. Everyone was satisfied, including the wife, who does not even know that her husband gets hard when somebody pees on him or call a "strap-on". Sometimes I had to pretend to be a corpse - not moving and hardly breathing.

I was slapped, strangled, bullied, as they wanted. So I earned a piece of bread. I've seen most of my clients' wives in photos on my phone. The men talked about how they love and appreciate their faithful. And a quarter of an hour later, we indulged in sexual pleasures. Then they returned to their families. Their wives were happy without knowing anything, the men were completely satisfied, and I am happy that I earned good money. Everyone got what they wanted.

Sex didn't happen every time. Some of the clients were so exhausted by their married life that they just wanted to talk about what bitches they had to live with. Just think about it: a man pays for the services of a prostitute to tell about what a bad wife he has.

Some of my clients were quite young, but wealthy guys, married, of course. Usually it was about the heirs of the family business. They were terribly worried that they were making a mistake in front of their woman. They wanted to get lessons from me. One of them literally exhausted me. It is unlikely that he will ever be able to bring a woman to orgasm. I tried to give him advice, but he ignored it. He didn't even try to listen to the female body. I had to fake an orgasm. He paid me well for that.

Many men do not understand how to behave in bed at all. My words may be confirmed by many women, including those who have nothing to do with prostitution. Ask them when was the last time they had an orgasm?

Perverts I almost never met, but other girls from our business had to deal with them. For example, anal sex is prohibited here, but you may make great money on it. This is the so-called "left income". Customers are well aware of this, which makes them even more excited, and they are willing to pay large sums.

My friend had to participate in group sex. More precisely, one fucked her, and the rest enjoyed the spectacle. Then they changed places. Escape was out of the question. Well-to-do men have security guards. They infuriated me; it was hard to understand what was on their minds. Sometimes it was very scary.

Did I regret turning to prostitution? Sometimes, it is unlikely that I will recommend such work to someone, but I will not condemn it. There was such a story in my life, now it's in the past, prostitution is over, and everything is started from scratch.