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Prostitutes talk about themselves and clients

Prostitutes talk about themselves and clients

Moonlighters often complain about their clients. Most of them claim that this kind of work is routine. But some of them happened to meet clients whose behavior was very strange.

Dentist who does pedicure

“One man ordered me to undress, lie down on the table, and then took out a dentist's kit. Using mirrors and an electric toothbrush, he examined my feet. The procedure lasted an hour. He was convinced of the absence of "caries", "polished", "brushed with dental floss." I was ordered to play along with him, as if he were really a dentist. I don't know if he worked as a dentist or dreamed of this profession. But why feet? During this action, the man did not even undress, we did not have sex. I had a good time, but it was somewhat unusual. "

Errand boy

I had a client who wanted me to write him shopping lists and errands every day. This guy was 25 years old, he had an attractive appearance. He liked doing my errands, helping around the house. From a conversation with him, I learned that he was left alone after his girlfriend moved to England. For this reason, they decided to take a break from their relationship. Usually his fiancée was busy compiling such lists, now she did not have time for this. Every week I came to him to drink coffee, and he talked about the completed assignments and received new ones. I wished him a good day and left. To some extent it was sad.

Mom and baby

“I specialized in male escort. One of my clients was about 50 years old, she loved to hug me, sitting in a rocking chair and lull me like a baby, asked me to suck on her breasts, constantly stroked my hair. "


“I worked as an escort for several years and I was thinking of hiring a male escort just to cuddle with him. It would be great if someone strong hugged me, giving me a feeling of security and warmth, not expecting sex in return. I also had fantasies of a man sucking on my breasts as if they were filled with delicious milk. And I would give him caresses, but at the same time I would not have to have sex. Fantasies  remained fantasies, I didn't hire anyone, but I often imagine such a scene to get aroused, this is the only way I manage to please the client ”.

A memory for a lifetime

“Once a man called me and asked to serve them together with a friend. I refused. I don't work with two at once - it takes a lot of energy and attention. Make sure the condoms are in place at all times. In addition, it is easier for two men to physically force you to do what you do not want. I said no, and then the guy began to persuade me. The phrase "Our goal is to create a memory for life" slipped through the conversation. He and his brother wanted to remember, many years later, during their stay in the nursing home, how they had sex with that girl together. "

Love game

“My girlfriend used to work as an escort, it was thanks to her work that our acquaintance took place. She called me a strange client. I was studying at the law school and at the same time I lost my fiancée, who took her own life. It was difficult for me to meet someone (there was not enough time), there was no desire. So I used an escort girl who was playing "dates" with me. She visited me at home, we cooked dinner together, acted as if we were a couple. Our meetings took place mainly on Saturdays. This relationship lasted about 6 months, then she began to stay overnight and spent time with me until Monday. When I tried to pay her again, she said that she fell in love with me and wants a real relationship. I said yes. We've been together for seven years. We opened our own company, now she works as a foreign language teacher at a school. We don't tell anyone about where and how we met. We keep it a secret. Why would anyone know who she used to work? "

What was it?

“One man paid for a private show and asked to change, take a computer to the bathroom, plunge into the water completely and sit there for as long as I can stand. I managed to hold out for 45 seconds. Then I surfaced and he left the room. I still don't understand why he started all this. "

Double game

“Several times I served a married couple. They wanted me to caress the man's genitals while he was inside his wife. I thrust my hand into the woman's vagina and gave pleasure to both of them. They didn’t demand more from me ”.

Breakfast in bed

"One man asked me to break chicken eggs while watching them spread over my genitals."

False maniac

A university teacher asked me to put on a schoolgirl uniform and take a jute bag with ropes with me. Shortly before that, the bodies of two prostitutes had been found, I even thought if he had committed the murders, since the man lived not far from the crime scene. But that would be too easy.