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Punchy partners do not always give a woman pleasure in bed

Punchy partners do not always give a woman pleasure in bed

Assertive and self-confident guys are not always good at sex, often they are not able to give a woman pleasure, and in addition, they may even harm their female partner.

Women are often attracted to bad guys; they do not depend on the opinions of others and do what they want. But do not immediately rush into the arms of an assertive macho, because sexual relations with him may bring a lot of problems. Psychologists have identified a list of signs that will help you understand the degree of danger of your potential partner.

He does everything on his own

With such men, a woman is unlikely to get pleasure, because he does not intend to listen to other people's opinions and desires, all actions will be aimed at meeting his needs. It is also possible to use physical or moral violence from his side.

A man seeks a woman after a categorical refusal

In melodramas, such situations are presented in a romantic way: a man never gives up and continues to win a woman after rejection, in the end she gives up. But in real life, excessive assertiveness only indicates a lack of empathy and attention to the feelings of others. So if a man insists on sex, despite your "no", then do not expect him to be sensitive in bed.

He loves the humiliations

No, this has nothing to do with BDSM. If a man is aroused by actions that bring pain to his partner or humiliate him, then this can be considered a disorder. Do not expect that he will improve over time, it is better to break off communication with an aggressive partner and look for a more caring man.

He avoids socializing in noisy companies

Naturally, there are people who feel uncomfortable in large companies. But it happens that a person does not neglect communication in principle, just he is absolutely indifferent to other people's opinions and feelings. It is also better not to get involved with such individuals. A person who is indifferent to the immediate environment will also behave with you.

Your refusals only encourage him

A normal man just needs to say "no" and he will stop pushing and harassing you. But if even after a few "no" partner ignores your desire, and takes offensive actions, then in no case do not give in to him, just cut off any contacts, because it is likely that this man has a tendency to violence.