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Really scared: 5 main fears of men in bed

Really scared: 5 main fears of men in bed

It seems as if men are absolute winners in sex and always feel as confident as possible. However, it turns out that this is not entirely true.

"I want her, but I don't have an erection"

“I understand that our body does not always function the way we want it to. However, when a penis does not want to get erected at all, although you are ready to rip the clothes on your partner, it's terrible. I know that this is most likely due to fatigue, problems at work, and the third tire change on the car in a month. I'm sure Katya also doesn't understand what the reason is. I still don’t want her to think that the problem lies with her. ”

Maxim, 29 years old

"Sometimes I finish quickly, and it seems that my beloved is not happy about it."

“We even bought a special cooling lubricant, used nasty condoms with menthol, and I still ejaculated at about 6 minutes. At first we were kidding, saying that everything is so cool that you can not help it. However, I can see from my partner's eyes that she is perplexed by what is happening. Of course, then I do everything so that she also get an orgasm. But it's still not the same. "

Dmitry, 30 years old

"I don't understand when she fakes an orgasm and when she doesn't."

“I read somewhere that men are also capable of faking orgasms. I don't understand how they do it. They hardly do it as realistically as women. After 6 months of relationship with the ex, it turned out that for all the time she had never got an orgasm and constantly imitated it. When she told me the terrible truth, I began to treat this issue extremely painfully. So during sex, I now ask my partner to honestly tell me when something goes wrong. This is reassuring, but it doesn’t save you from anxiety. ”

Sergey, 22 years old

"How to escape unnoticed if a condom breaks?"

“I, of course, understand that a woman can get pregnant both with a condom and without it. However, since I do not have a girlfriend and I have sex with different girls, I am really afraid of it. So during each intimacy, I pray that the condom doesn't let me down"

Vsevolod, 29 years old

"What if her ex was more satisfying in bed?"

“Without a doubt, I'm good at sex. I hope that I am not the only one who thinks so. However, recently I started dating an insanely beautiful girl, whose ex is a real alpha male. Well, the truth is, as a man, I can't help but admit it. When we accidentally met him, I first thought that he might be a better lover than me. I cannot say that I suffer from low self-esteem. Here, rather, the question is that I want my girlfriend to feel good with me in bed. "

Vladimir, 36 years old