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Rules for safe oral sex

Rules for safe oral sex

Experts noted that it is not safe to engage in oral sex when a woman has wounds, ulcers or bleeding gums in her mouth. And the reason for this is quite simple: in such variants, the chance of contracting sexually transmitted infections increases significantly.

I want to dispel the myth of many that oral sex is safe. Yes, with vaginal or anal sex, the risk of catching a particular disease is higher than with caressing the mouth, but it still exists.

Oral sex may reward a partner with:

- syphilis;

- clamidiosis;

- papilloma virus;

- gonorrhea;

- herpes;

- hepatitis.

There were even cases when a man in the process of oral sex with a woman became infected with HIV. So far, whether it is possible to catch such a disease through the penis, is not said.

Spectrum of diseases transmitted through oral sex

Viruses and bacteria enter the human body through bleeding areas in the oral cavity. Therefore, if the partner has such problems, it is best to use a condom or a special latex napkin during oral sex.

Carefully examine the partner's genitals and if ulcers, boils, or rash, they are found on them, postpone oral sex until better times.

By the way, it is not recommended to do cunnilingus during a woman's menstruation or other vaginal discharge.

And remember: a constant sexual partner reduces the risk of infection with infections that are transmitted through oral sex. Fidelity and lack of infidelity is the key to safe sex!