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Rules of male etiquette in sex

Rules of male etiquette in sex

Pick up a girl with half a turn is a science that is available not only to professional philanderers. The main thing is not to be afraid to be inventive and bold, spare your friend's weaknesses and connect to her mood.

Cookery of love

If your girlfriend is a lover of strong sensations, and she loves sex in extreme conditions, which are easy to find in an ordinary city apartment, for example, in the bath, in the corridor, and even on a table set for dinner for two or next to it. If the table is empty, take the initiative. Place glasses, plates and other dishes on it and sweep it all on the floor, so that the rattle of dishes was heard throughout the apartment. And now rush on your girl like a tiger on a tigress and show her a class of violent passion! The main thing is that the fragments of broken dishes do not turn up under your hand or do not fall under the back heated from love joys at the most inopportune moment.

Twisting the nipples

But experiments like twisting the nipples girls do not like. If you do not believe it, pinch harder yourself on the most sensitive spot, and better pull it with all your strength. An unforgettable experience is guaranteed!

Adult game

The love bed is not a place for boredom and hypocrisy. Pinch your girlfriend's delicious ass, so that she screamed like a schoolgirl and slapped your head with a pillow; arrange games in the "hospital" or other fun in the style of crazy five-year-olds. Sometimes children's games excite better than any refined prelude.

I kiss your legs

Girls like their feet to be kissed and caressed, perhaps because they were raised from childhood on fairy tales about Cinderella and the fetishist prince. Or maybe it's just a lot of nerve endings, which is why many beauties are so ticklish. Philanderers of all times knew a lot about women's legs and even women's shoes – no wonder the dashing hussars drank champagne from shoes to lay their beauties immediately.

Intimate conversations

Not all childishness appeals to girls – in many ways they will never understand men. If you are used to calling your penis some affectionate or funny name, do not try to do it in the presence of your girlfriend. It would only make her laugh, and the worst of it would be if she remembered the story at the most inopportune moments.

A woman of mystery

Men after the act of love tends to sleep and women are drawn to talk. Most often your girlfriend asks the most banal and insidious question: “What are you thinking about?” Tell her that you are overwhelmed by her beauty and are speechless. And while she's thinking about how beautiful and amazing she is, you may get some sleep.

Adding a steam

If you are close to the last phase, and your partner is distracted, remind her of this. Maybe she'll raise her eyes from the blue screen or the white ceiling and add to the heat.


And don't ever suggest to your girlfriend that you've been enlightened by men's magazines. You've been a skilled seducer since you started looking at girls. Do you understand it?