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Rules of safe sex

Rules of safe sex

Sex can bring not only pleasure, but also disease. So always keep safety in mind. Let's consider what exactly you need to do for this.

"Look and get horny"

Sometimes a man refuses to use a condom, claiming that because of it he misses the peak of arousal or gets less pleasure. Although the second argument is nothing more than a myth. As for the first one: while the partner is putting on a condom, the woman can engage in masturbation. Trust me, it will turn him on!

"Women's Thing"

It's no secret that there are not only male but also female condoms. The latter have their own advantages. For example, a woman can insert such a condom a few hours before intimacy, and not waste precious minutes on it at the moment of passion. Your partner will undoubtedly appreciate this. Make love using a female condom in all your favorite positions!

"Playful lips"

Remember, oral sex should be safe too. A woman can put a condom on her partner's penis with her lips. A heap of pleasant sensations is guaranteed! However, be careful not to damage the condom. Practice oral sex as usual, but only with reliable protection!