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10 rules on using condoms that men should be aware of

10 rules on using condoms that men should be aware of

Everyone should know how to use a condom correctly. It's strange that many people have problems with it. Indiana University has named the most common contraceptive mistakes. You will be surprised.

Pay attention to these mistakes so as not to make them.

Put on a condom in time

Many studies say that between 17 and 51% of those surveyed made the same mistake - putting on the condom late, namely when sex has already begun. However, the natural lubrication of the penis can include sperm or human immunodeficiency virus. So it is best to put on the condom as soon as the penis reaches an erection.

Do not remove the contraceptive earlier than expected

Between 13.6 and 44.7% of those surveyed removed their contraceptive very early. In general, it must be removed only when the penis is not erected. So if you just want to lie in your partner's arms, you need to wash and dry your penis.

Unroll the condom on the dick

An interesting fact: from 2.1 to 25.3% of the respondents first unrolled the condom, and only then pulled it over the penis. It is not right!

Leave room for semen

Putting on a condom, from 24.3 to 45.7% of men did not leave room at the top. In reality, you first need to pinch the tip of the condom between two fingers and push the air out.

Be careful

From 4 to 30.4% of the respondents said that sometimes they try to put on the condom inside out. If you have done it, just remove it and put it on in the right way. .

Put it on completely first, then start

Between 8.8 and 11.2% of those surveyed admitted that they did not put on the condom entirely before having sexual intercourse.

Open the package with your fingers

From 2.1 to 11.2% of the respondents opened the package with scissors, a knife or even teeth. But when using this method, there is a high probability of damaging the condom. So no sharp objects!

Check the product before use

Before using a condom, be sure to check its integrity. From 74.5 to 82.7% of men do not do this. First of all, you need to find the expiration date, then check if the package is intact, and then have a look at the condom itself.

If you feel dryness or stickiness of the contraceptive, you should stop using it. The product could have been damaged during the manufacturing or packaging stages. When putting on the condom, see if there are any holes or other flaws. The slightest damage makes it unusable.

Find the optimal lubricant

From 16 to 25.8% of the subjects reported that they did not use a lubricant. If you make love for a long time, your condom is more likely to rupture without lubricant than with it. Make sure to buy a lubricant that is compatible with latex products, i.e. oil-free. 3.2% and 4.7% of women don't check the ingredients and compatibility of the lubricant with the condom.

Use the condom only once

Surprisingly, between 1.4% and 3.3% of those surveyed reported that they had used one contraceptive at least 2 times. This is complete madness!

Store your condom correctly

About 19% of those surveyed do not store condoms correctly. Being in a pocket, purse or glove compartment of a car reduces the reliability of condoms, as they are exposed to heat, light, and constant rubbing. Take contraception seriously. It's not enough just to put on a condom to avoid getting into trouble after sex. Remember that you are responsible for both yourself and your partner. Sex should be safe!