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Online dating rules

Online dating rules

The chances of finding a partner through the net are quite high. The main disadvantage when meeting and communicating with a new person is creating a wrong impression about yourself and about him.

To avoid this situation, which entails mistakes and disappointment, read several tips from a psychologist.

Don't waste your time

There are many people on dating sites. We recommend that you narrow your search criteria so as not to waste years on it.

Decide on the key parameters, for example, age, appearance, city of residence, character traits, social status. After that, you can start chatting with the right people.

Don't rely too much on questionnaires

Virtual profiles cannot guarantee that you will find the person you are looking for. With their help, you can make the initial screening. The questionnaires make it possible to determine the general parameters: place of residence, education. For the rest, be guided by your own intuition.

Don't text too long.

Online communication makes sense only at the initial stage of dating. Exchange messages on the Internet, but not too long. If a new friend provoked your interest, ask for a personal meeting if he doesn't do it himself.

Long messaging on the Internet is often misleading. It becomes the reason for the creation of an imaginary image, which often does not correspond to reality. Meet with the person you are interested in and see whether it makes sense to continue communicating. Many people postpone this moment, fearing disappointment. But after some time  the disappointment can be even greater.

Make your first meeting at the cafe

It's better to meet at a caffe for the first time. You can go to the cinema or to some exhibition, but this is not the best solution. A date in a crowded place will not allow you to get a full picture of a person. The atmosphere in the cafe is good for communication.