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Scientist: in 40 years people will refuse from sex

Scientist: in 40 years people will refuse from sex

Scientists are sure that soon sex will loose a part of it’s functions because of the development of technologies. Even now couples who are planning to have a baby can find out about genetics risks and interfere in this process. Girli is sure that after 40 years couples will have sex only for pleasure. In order to have a baby they will turn to artificial insemination. 

A couple willing to have children, will go to a laboratory. A man will leave samples of his sperm, and a woman will leave a sample of her skin. In a week’s time hundreds of embryos will be created from their material. They will choose one and it will be implanted inside woman’s womb. 

The holly Bible approves of sex for pleasure only because some day it will lead to creating new life. But it doesn’t  approve of aimless sex. Aristotle thought that any sexual intercourse must have an aim, for example getting closer to a person. 

Scientist think that sexual ethics have changed. Many homosexual couples appeared and they make love just for pleasure because they can’t have babies. Moreover, may straight couples consider pleasure the main aim of their sex. 

Scientists agree that soon it will become a common thing. People don;t necessarily have to marry in order to get pleasure from sex. 

Sex will change greatly. Parents will be able to program their perfect child in laboratories. Also virtual porn will appear where you will be able to enjoy sex with the help of a device.

Also scientist think that people will live 150 years and more. It’s not about the future. These people have already been born. 

Within a century life expectancy prolonged for 20 years. That’s why an idea of monogamy is becoming more and more strange. It's difficult to live 80 or 90 years with one and the same person. 

People will not be scared of their sexual identity and sexual desires in future. 

Scientist think that sexual relations will be more artificial and people will get pleasure not from their partner but from different experiment. Soon we will see if it’s true or not.