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Scientists got into men's heads

Scientists got into men's heads

The journal «Psychology and law» published research results that are very valuable for the world of criminalistics. According to Konysheva's classification, such serial criminals can be divided into:

  • «situationists»;
  • «powerists»;
  • «sex maniacs».

About sex maniacs

«‎Sexual maniacs»‎ in the gender of their victims do not share. They also don't look at age. However, victims are searched for in certain places that are selected in advance. «Sex maniacs» have a trick and it is this quality that lures their victims to a secluded place. Crimes are committed mainly during the day. They like to take items of no particular value from their victims. They are taken only «‎for memory»‎.

About Situationists

«‎Situationists»‎ attack their victims, venting all the negative emotions. Such people act spontaneously, and sometimes try to resist murder. When witnesses of a crime accidentally appear, the «‎serial criminals» quickly run away and do not finish their plans.

About «powerists»

«Powerists» are people who before their «activities» wanted from their partners increased sexual demands. Mostly they are sadists, while taking care of their own body and constantly train in the gym. Victims of «powerists» are young girls with increased sexuality. Such a criminal plans everything in advance and prepares the crime scene with special care. After the crime «‎powerist» picks up all the valuable assets of his murdered victim. He does this not for memory, but to profit and quickly sell.

It is worth knowing that the number of people who died in sexual crimes increased by 3.2%. Moreover, the disclosure rate has also increased.