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Scientists have found out how the pandemic changed sex life

Scientists have found out how the pandemic changed sex life

In March it will be one year since the world has been affected by the coronavirus pandemic. People's lives have changed significantly: we have changed the way we work, communicate,  do the shopping, relax and have fun.

A dangerous virus has dealt a blow to the intimate life of people. How has sex changed over the past year, and what are the consequences?

Phone sex

According to the British, the first months of the lockdown, which the government announced in the spring, were perhaps the most difficult for them, as restrictions on social contacts only intensified amid the hope that everything would soon be over.

Unmarried 23-year-old student Grace told the newspaper that since the beginning of the pandemic, which is more than 10 months, she has never had an intimate relationship "live". Sexting initially helped as well as phone sex. Then, according to the girl, she completely lost interest in this. Periods of hope gave way to depression, which was only exacerbated by the need to live under the same roof with her mother, who needed medical attention.

"I drank like crazy"

Josh, 28, told a similar story. For him, a long absence of intimacy was like a bolt from the blue.

“I drank like crazy. I drank bottles of wine ... I simply did not understand what to do with the accumulated energy. "

According to media reports, it was only in September 2020 that the British government eased the restrictions slightly, allowing communication and intimate contact for persons who are in stable relationships. Meanwhile, the nongovernmental organization Terrence Higgins Trust, which promotes healthy and safe sex, urged not to remove the mask even during intimacy, which generated a wave of criticism against her.

Although the rules that were introduced recently prohibit this too. So millions of Britons are struggling to survive this sexual drought.

The opinion of psychologists

The torment of Grace and Josh is not only about satisfying sexual hunger. Throughout the pandemic, scientists say that the lack of close tactile contact can provoke hunger in the body, a neurological problem that can have both psychological and physical effects on us.

Experts explain that touching a person releases oxytocin, a hormone that helps build social bonds. It also affects mood and our stress response system by decreasing our heart rate and cortisol hormone levels. So "live" human contact is extremely important for mental health.

Lack of desire

Despite the fact that for most, the lack of intimate contact with their loved ones has become a source of stress and irritation, those who can have sex without any restrictions lose their enthusiasm.

Psychologist Peter Saddington explained that, in addition to anxiety, stress and depression, many people lost their libido due to  coronavirus. He also noted that depression, regardless of COVID-19, significantly reduces libido.

Even for those who have a partner at home, the restrictions have made communication very difficult. Since you have to live together, often in cramped conditions, paying maximum attention to children and household chores.

As psychologists say, too close and long living in the same territory without the opportunity to go away has led to a loss of interest in sex.

Baby boom is not likely to happen

This situation undermined the initial forecasts of experts that the pandemic could cause a spike in fertility, as partners stuck at home will have more sex.

But now experts are expecting a strong decline in the birth rate in 2021 due to the economic shock from the pandemic.

According to the Independent, most of the explosive mixture of instability at work, almost complete limited contacts and a suspended state interferes not only with having sex, but also working on the implementation of life plans.

When will the end of this story come, and can we get back to our usual life, filled with vivid impressions and hot sex? Apparently, we have to wait.

The Independent reports that it is not yet clear when the measures that restrict us from contact with new people will be cancelled. Most likely, this will happen at least after a few months, not weeks. Boris Johnson said he will reveal new plans to end the lockdown by February 22nd and that he hopes to reopen schools on March 8th. But this relaxation of restrictions is unlikely to mean canceling social distance.