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Sequential satisfaction: secrets and peculiarities of the 68 position for unusual intimacy

Sequential satisfaction: secrets and peculiarities of the 68 position for unusual intimacy

The peculiarities of the 68 position are the maximal contact of the bodies and unusual sensations from oral intimacy. But there are certain nuances: to have sex in this position, partners should have the same height and weight otherwise you may feel discomfort.

And now let’s pass to the main part. In comparison with the 69 position, for the 68 position you should lie not by belly to belly, but back to belly. It is recommended to do it on the sofa not to cause trauma to anybody. At first the partner, who is ready for “self-sacrifice” and the first to satisfy his partner, lies on his back and bends his legs in the knees. The other partner rather carefully and slowly lies with his back on the partner’s belly so that genital will be close to each other and the shoulders can comfortably lean on the legs.

Then you start the process. You can do your partner injury very easily. Due to this reason pairs who only start to practice this pose should lay cushions under the low back, knees and head of the partner below and under the elbows and neck of the partner on top.  This lifehack is available if one of the partners is heavier. And if a man or a woman on top is lower than who is below, you can put a cushion right on your partner’s belly. 

One more important advice is to forget to use a lubricant during oral sex in this position. Firstly, a partner below, taking into account the physical load, will breathe with difficulty and won’t have enough saliva for the whole procedure. Secondly, you can quickly lead your beloved person to an orgasm. And sexologists advise to use intimate gadgets. Thus, a little vibrator in your partner’s anus can add him many positive emotions from oral sex.

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