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Seven tips on how to caress a man for ultimate pleasure

Seven tips on how to caress a man for ultimate pleasure

Every woman wants to please a man so that he doesn't think of playing around.

Here are some helpful tips.

Experiment with blowjob techniques

There are many ways to give your partner pleasure through oral sex. Some techniques may not impress him, but most of them will definitely delight your partner. You don't have to practice deep throat. Just press gently and lick his penis. Also, don't ignore the testicles, scrotum, and prostate. The main thing is to be very careful when doing this.

Use sex gadgets

It can be a variety of devices: vibrating attachments for the tongue, vacuum pumps, prostate stimulators, massagers. Before you buy any product, be sure to discuss with your partner what kind of caresses he dreams of. Better yet, invite him to the sex shop with you. This not only brings you closer, but it's also incredibly exciting!

Use lubrication

The lubricant makes sex more enjoyable for both partners. When you are doing a blowjob, a pre-seed is released - a colorless liquid that can partially replace the lubricant. However, the longer and more intense the blowjob is, the more moisture you need. When you change blowjob with kisses, the pre-seed dries quickly. Some lubricants are even able to suppress the gag reflex during deep oral sex.

Be active, but take your time

Licking is not about speed. The main task of foreplay is to prepare the body for sex and make your partner horny. Therefore, you need to use various blowjob techniques and kiss all the erogenous zones in turn. Do it not too quickly, but not too slowly - it is important to find a middle ground.

Don't use your teeth and nails

Biting and scratching will hurt the man, especially with regard to the penis and scrotum. No matter how brutal and hardy the partner is, he obviously will not appreciate such actions. You can bite the skin near the penis, ears, chestvery gently and carefully. Nails can only be used in the back or the belly. It is advisable not to touch the neck with either teeth or nails, because the skin there is very thin -you can leave scratches.

Erotic massage

The massage will help your partner relax and have fun. Here your imagination is not limited. All sorts of attributes can be used for this: whips, feathers, stimulants with vibration, hot wax, ice cubes, delicate silk, fruits, chocolate, cream. Use your own body actively. Do not forget to use special oils that do not cause allergies when in contact with mucous membranes.

Whisper compliments in his ear

Of course, during a blow job, conversations will not work. However, while giving kisses, gentle caresses and erotic massage, you can whisper pleasant words to your partner in the ear. The main thing is to avoid platitudes like "you are the best", "what a hot cowboy." Phrases from the series “I was looking forward to kissing your huge cock all day”, “I love it when you penetrate me from behind” are more likely to inflame his imagination. But don't overdo it: the compliment should sound genuine.