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Sex and alcohol at the beginning of a love relationship

Sex and alcohol at the beginning of a love relationship

Alcohol and sex are in a very strange relationship. Alcohol can both help in the emancipation and manifestation of sexual activity, and cause trouble. Consider the key implications of the relationship between alcohol and intimacy.

Arguments for

First, let’s speak about the advantages of combining alcohol with sex.

Alcohol removes the taboo

Alcoholic beverages do not increase sexual desire as such, but they help to overcome anxiety and eliminate barriers that prevent intimacy. Worry about appearance or whether it will be possible to give pleasure to the partner, is often removed by two glasses of wine. Alcohol facilitates communication and allows you to create a fighting spirit.

Helps you focus on the moment

One of the key factors that reduce libido is stress. Alcohol makes neurons less active, while reducing the level of anxiety. And for high-quality sex, you need to completely distract yourself from endless affairs and immerse yourself in the process.

Increases your liking of your partner

Interesting fact: after drinking, people find others more likable. Of course, the duration of the relationship, the mood, and the connection also matters, but the picture as a whole becomes much more attractive.

Increases the desire for intimacy

Alcohol affects the prefrontal cortex, which is responsible for emotions. Thanks to this, a person becomes more talkative and can openly discuss intimate topics. If you want to know how your partner really feels about you, drink some wine together. But only a little, otherwise the opposite effect is possible.

Arguments against

Now let’s speak about why you should not combine alcohol with sex.

Some alcohol is contraindicated

Some have a tendency to alcoholism, the second take medications that are incompatible with alcoholic beverages. In such cases, you can only spoil everything.

Consent and condemnation

Alcohol can so remove the prohibitions that you can decide to have sex without a condom or to realize fantasies that are unpleasant to you. There may be worse problems, so it's important to be careful.

Bad sex

A large amount of drinking causes a decrease in lubrication in women and erectile dysfunction in men.

Suspension from a partner

After large doses of alcohol, instead of focusing on the process, you can only get the desire to completely abstract from everything.

So keep the situation under control, and you will be happy!

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