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Sex horoscope for January 2021

Sex horoscope for January 2021

The sex horoscope for January 2021 looks very promising. Some zodiac signs will plunge headlong into the abyss of passion. Try to find yourself and know: love will certainly come to you!


Aries have a hot temperament, especially men. And they are just as jealous. It is inspiring that after the first intimacy the relationship will continue, since Aries does not acept one-night stand. The representatives of the sign will be most active on January 8th. Take advantage of this!


Taurus' sexual activity peaks in the first half of the month. This is one of the most temperamental signs. They know how to please the partner. Taurus is passionate, confident and free from prejudice. However, the representatives of this zodiac constellation have problems with delicacy, which can somewhat spoil the romantic mood.


In early January, Gemini will want everything at once. However, this does not happen. Because of this, representatives of the sign can get nervous. It is advisable to sort out your feelings by January 13th. If your partner doesn't live up to expectations, it's best to break up. Sex is not important enough to put up with the wrong person. By the end of the month, the relationship will become more serious.


It is difficult to find a more family person than Cancer. This is a very impressionable person who loves romance and tenderness. So those born under the constellation of Cancer may well think about living together with their partner. However, you should approach this issue wisely. It is not necessary to exchange one person for another if there is no complete certainty. January 28th will surprise you with passion.


For representatives of the Leo sign, who have long dreamed of conquering a new person, it is better to do this on January 13th. Try to keep calm at the end of the month. You need to be humble in order to maintain a good relationship with your partner. The peak of Leo's sex appeal will be on January 28th.


In January 2021, Virgos are expecting pleasant changes in their love life. If the representatives of the sign are in a relationship, it makes sense to develop them slowly. Don't be too slow and too pushy though. It is necessary to study the partner so that the relationship moves to a new level.


Love between a man and a woman is possible! And this is just about Libra. Astrologers advise the representatives of this sign to take a closer look at their friends. Who knows, maybe a good buddy has been dreaming of a romantic date for a long time! Do not be ashamed of flirting and demonstrating your sexuality.


The beginning of January promises to be extremely exciting for Scorpios. They will be able to fully open up and plunge into the world of passion. Moreover, you should not expect active action from a partner. Take the initiative to bring the moment of sex closer. You can invite your chosen one home, cook a romantic dinner, come up with a surprise. From the 15th, the natural charm of Scorpio women will especially attract the attention of others. And after January 19, it is better to spend time at home, in peace and quiet.


Those born under the sign of Sagittarius are quite romantic natures. Lonely representatives of the sign should seriously think about the family. According to the astrological forecast, on January 13 thirst for love will awaken in Sagittarius. However, on January 28, the romantic mood will prevail. Perhaps it's time to propose to your beloved.


Representatives of the Capricorn sign are more interested in career than family. However, this approach is not always correct. You need to love yourself, and others will do the same. Why not take care of your own health? And then start looking for a soul mate.


In the first half of January, Aquarius will become more sensual. This period should be spent with maximum benefit for the mind and body. But after the 15th, the door to the world of love and romance will open. The peak of Aquarius sexual activity will be at the end of the month.


Representatives of the Pisces sign need to be very careful when choosing a partner in 2021. Relationships should be healthy. But is the partner ready for this? Regarding the intimate sphere: from January 13, the ideal period for stormy meetings with an enchanting finale will begin.