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Sex killers! Don't put these things in the bedroom!

Sex killers! Don't put these things in the bedroom!

It is difficultto follow all the rules of feng shui. Eastern prescriptions can be so unusual that they cannot be implemented in the conditions of modern realities. But some items still need to be removed from the bedroom.

Let's list the things the absence of which will improve your intimate life.


Paintings are divided into three parts are very popular. They can depict flowers, cityscapes or something else. But it is better to refuse to use such paintings in the interior of the bedroom. They share the energy of the couple and can even lead to the formation of a love triangle.

Genuine paintings without a specific title

Even collectors should not keep paintings in their living areas. That is why they place paintings in separate rooms. This is due to the need to comply with a certain temperature regime and with the fact that paintings are able to preserve the energy and mood of their creator. All this suggests that nothing prevents them from then transferring the accumulated to partners.

If the artist was sick while working on the painting, there is a chance that the relationship will soon crack. it can really lead to problems.


It is unacceptable to keep cracked mirrors in the bedroom. You can find  mirror mosaics or  reflective details on furnishings in the shops. It looks beautiful, but it is better to use such things in the interior of a store or a restaurant. At home, it is recommended to refuse such decor. It can cause quarrels, negatively affect the relationship of lovers.

In the bedroom, it's better to have one big mirror and refuse from mosaics containing parts.

Trash under the bed

Free up space under the bed, don't clutter up the bedroom. There should be no suitcases, shabby bed linen, unnecessary gifts. It is unacceptable to store kitchen utensils under the bed. In eastern countries, the bed on which the spouses sleep is a bed without boxes on strong legs. Only a carpet can be placed under it.

If there is little space in the room and you are using the bed as a storage system, it is permissible to put only bedding there. Other things will hinder relaxation. You won't be able to get enough sleep and enjoy sex.

Pictures of relatives

Keep photos of relatives in your living room or hallway. And it is better to decorate the bedroom with pictures of you and your partner. It is not recommended to put even a photo of children on the bedside tables. Pictures of relatives decrease libido and worsen the quality of intimate life. By removing photos in another room, you can get rid of problems in sex.

You should not ignore this theory, even if you really love your relatives. Consider these little things if you want to achieve harmony in your relationship with your partner.

Dried flower bouquets

They represent the extinction of feelings. Remove wilted plants from your bedroom. It is not advisable to keep artificial flowers there. One theory is that they portend health problems. If you really want, a bouquet of tulips or roses can be placed in a cool place on the windowsill. Remember to change the water every two days. Flowers of red or pink color are more suitable for the bedroom. Ideally, these should be peonies.

Household appliances and electronics

There is no place for a computer or even a TV in the bedroom. It is not advisable to charge the phone in this room not to mention leaving it next to the bed at night. Electromagnetic radiation will worsen the quality of sleep, negatively affect your health, and distract you from each other. It is ok to keep only a vinyl record player in the bedroom for listening to relaxing music.

Follow the basic rules of feng shui and your intimate life will improve.