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Sex on the first date: is it acceptable or not?

Sex on the first date: is it acceptable or not?

A man pays for the dinner and the woman refuses from sex - that's how most respondents see the first date.

At the first meeting, women usually give up initiative to men.

56% believe that a man should invite them for a meeting, and 43% said that a lot depends on the circumstances. 1% found it difficult to answer.

79% of respondents are sure that a man has to pay for a restaurant at the first meeting. 18% are considering a co-payment option. Another 3% could not answer.

Sociologists are convinced that this model has a stereotype: "a man should be active, and a woman should be passive." The widespread belief says that the financial part lies on a man.

But only 5% of respondents admit sexual relations after the first meeting. 44% said that a lot depends on the situation, and 50% consider it unacceptable. 1% found it difficult to answer. Along with this, sociologists have noticed that this issue is difficult to diagnose in connection with the problems of "social desirability". Probably, those people (lots of them) who say that everything depends on the situation still consider this option.

At the same time, sociologists note that sex after the first meeting is considered unacceptable by two-thirds of ladies. Men say that a lot depends on the circumstances.

According to sociologists, the lack of an active female role in this area reflects patterns of sexual awareness and social expectations. A lady should not take the initiative and agree to intimacy at the first meeting - this behavior is approved. As far as men are concerned, the opposite is true: a man who doesn't try to have sex is not masculine.

Sexual awareness of men means that they must always want intimacy and be ready to it. The stereotypes of women's sexual behavior are different.

In most cases, the respondents shared the initiative in intimate relationships between the two sexes (49%). Despite this, 40% said that the initiator of sex in most cases is a man and only in 6% of cases women.

Such beliefs implement the stereotype of active male and passive female participation. This applies to all areas, not just intimate.

Along with this, despite the division of responsibility for intimate relationships between the two sexes, the majority of respondents gave the palm to men. Many women share this opinion. As for finances, here respondents of both sexes are sure that this kind of responsibility should lie with men. Although some ladies (18%) said that their income is higher.

50% of the respondents agreed with the statement that sex is more important for men than for women, and that friendship between men is stronger than that of women.

19% expressed full agreement.

24% were inclined to this answer.

34% are more likely to have a different opinion.

21% strongly disagree.

24% of respondents agreed that a girl bears more responsibility for unwanted pregnancy than a man.

12% are inclined to agree with this.

 20% rather think differently.

42 % have a different opinion.

Almost everyone did not agree with the statement that the wife should obey her husband in everything, stay at home, and not work, and that men are much smarter than the ladies. Such stereotypes are outdated and will soon disappear due to the role reversal.