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6 sex positions to avoid divorce

6 sex positions to avoid divorce

If your couple is facing serious problems and you are about to divorce, try to bring passion back, diversifying the intimate life. Vivid sex with violent orgasms will help strengthen the relationship which is about to fall apart. It's for sure!

So, here are the best positions to avoid divorce.

Passionate laundrywoman

Go to the bathroom, spin the washing machine and indulge in carnal pleasures. At the same time, the woman sits on the washing machine and wraps her legs around her partner's waist. The vibration from the machine will brighten up your sex.

Refined cuisine

Sex on the kitchen furniture will also help to diversify your relationship. You can lay out a towel for more comfort, although a cool countertop will definitely add spice.

Dolphin fell in love with a mermaid

The bathroom is great for foreplay. Take a dip in warm water, treat each other with a massage, discuss the past day. You can also have sex in the shower. This will add brightness and dynamics to your sexual relationship. In addition, you can bring sex toys with you.

It should be borne in mind that sex in water often leads to pregnancy.

Sexy recipe

You can practice oral sex on the dining table. At the same time, the woman lies down, and the man kneels down and demonstrates the art of cunnilingus.

Loving koalas

The hugging koala position will make your intimacy more reverent and tender. The main thing is to maintain eye contact in the process and shower each other with kisses. At the same time, the partner wraps her arms and legs around the man, and he supports her hips.

Couch sex experts

The woman leans against the arm of the sofa and the man penetrates her from behind. The soft padding stimulates the clitoris for maximum pleasure. Add these positions to your sex diet and you definitely won't want to get a divorce. Mind-blowing orgasms!