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Sex techniques for weak erection

Sex techniques for weak erection

A cock can become not so firm due to various reasons: from a severe hangover to the sudden thought of an annual report that must be submitted by tomorrow. However, this is not at all a reason to give up sex!

Ball game

This position is good because if the guy is completely "out of shape", the girl can stick her hand back and caress his balls until the penis becomes ready again. If the “resurrection” of the fighter fails, the man can help you with his hands.

The wonders of balancing

The girl lies down on the guy's lap and leans back. In this position, he can stimulate your clitoris, and when he is ready, he will simply spread your legs and insert his penis. Then it will be easiest for the girl to roll over and saddle him.

Show me

However, if stress and anxiety prevent the penis from achieving a permanent erection, tell the man that there are many other pleasures besides traditional sex. For example, you can do mirror masturbation, showing each other all the tricks you use in private to get to the climax.