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Sex without commitment: relationship features

Sex without commitment: relationship features

In English, there is an expression “sex buddy” - this is the name of a partner with whom they meet only in bed for a pleasant pastime. This is convenient if you do not want a serious relationship, but are not ready to infringe on yourself in intimacy. But how to maintain such a relationship without breaking the boundaries?

Don't fall in love

And if you still managed to - do not be silent. This is the key rule of a relationship based solely on sex. Do not share your secrets and details of your life with your partner. Remember: he is not your friend, but just your lover. However, if the irreparable still happened, talk like adults. Perhaps your partner will also want to take a different look at your relationship and take it to another level.

Respect your partner

Do not treat him purely as a consumer. After all, he is a living person who needs feedback. In addition, the more comfortable you are with each other, the more pleasant the intimacy. If this is a relationship just for the sake of sex, this does not mean that you need to put your partner out of the door immediately after you get an orgasm. Would you like that?

Emotions are inevitable

And you'll have to put up with it. As much as I would like to avoid this, it is extremely difficult to keep my emotions under control. You will experience them one way or another, and this is a completely natural phenomenon. It's better if it's sympathy. The person you are having sex with should be pleasant for you. Of course, this recommendation resembles the advice from Captain Obvious, but before and after intimacy, you will still have to talk. And it's good if there's something to talk about. Well, at least about the same weather.

Get a backup option

Do not forget that you are only a small episode in the life of your sex partner, do not make long-term plans. A person is characterized by the search for a stable relationship, and even if today he is set only for sex, this does not mean that in a month his priorities will remain the same. So think about a backup airfield where you may land if your buddy decides to get married.

No control at all

Do not try to control his life and do not allow him to invade your own. You don't have to babble before going to bed and pry out his plans for the evening. You should not be interested in his personal life outside of the bed, where you indulge in passion. However, do not let him break your boundaries!

Remember about security

This is one of the main rules. We have already mentioned the alternate airfield. You understand that your buddy may also have several of these airfields. Therefore, even if you have long maintained a relationship exclusively for intimacy, still protect yourself.

Don't stay overnight

This is a rather delicate moment, and here everyone decides on their own. Most importantly, remember that after the night comes the morning, followed by a joint breakfast, shower, conversations... Whether you like it or not, a night together may easily violate the boundaries of your personal space. Of course, if you decide to have a sex marathon the next day - that's another question.

But you may hug!

Well, really, why not coo with each other after intimacy! Besides, hugs are good for your health. It is unlikely that someone will like it if his sex partner jumps up immediately after orgasm, gets into jeans and calls a taxi. It's not pretty.

Do not break off the relationship abruptly

Of course, you do not owe each other anything, but at the same time you are still living people who need to be understood. Do not immediately burn bridges with loud phrases. If buddy didn't hurt you in any way, he deserves to be treated well. First, you may refer to the troubles at work, then lie about the business trip, and then, finally, admit that you just don't have time for it.

Do not introduce him to your loved ones

Neither your friends nor relatives need to know about the existence of buddy. Otherwise, you will allow him to violate personal boundaries by letting him into your territory.

Have sex with full dedication

After all, it is for this purpose that you have found a partner, and not just bought a vibrator in an intimate store. And what is the joy of a body lying despondently with its eyes fixed on the ceiling? Have sex only with someone who excites you, and do not hesitate to talk about your desires.

Discuss everything on the shore

Discuss all the important points before moving on to intimacy. In particular, specify:

  1. Are you OK with your buddy having sex with someone other than you?
  2. How often will you see each other?
  3. Will you keep the relationship in a secret?

Whatever the relationship are, first of all, you need to respect the other person. Even if you only meet him in bed!