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Sexologists have named dangerous sex positions for men

Sexologists have named dangerous sex positions for men

Sex is not always safe. Sometimes it can become traumatic. What position do you think poses the greatest threat to men? Most likely, "cowgirl" comes to mind first. However, this is not entirely true. According to a new study by the State University of Rio de Janeiro, it turned out that very different sex positions can lead to injuries, in particular to a broken penis.

We often hear that the most dangerous positions are those where men are not in total control of the situation, for example "cowgirl" position. However, according to statistic this position is only the third it the rating of dangerous sex poses.

Alas, intimacy can end not with a bright orgasm, but with a fracture of the penis. So you have to be careful not to be one of the people who have had such experience. So, let's find out in which position you need to be especially careful.

Scientists from the State University of Rio de Janeiro conducted a study to find out which sex positions are most likely to lead to a fractured penis:

● doggy style occupies the first place - 41% of visits to doctors are connected with it;

● 2nd place and 25.5% of cases were caused by missionary position;

● Cowgirl occupies the third place and caused 10% of all cases.

We bet you didn't expect such results!

Please be extremely careful with the amplitude and speed of movement when having sex. Otherwise you can have problems instead of orgasm.