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Shower sex: 5 comfortable poses for mutual pleasure

Shower sex: 5 comfortable poses for mutual pleasure

Many couples like to make love in the water. For this purpose, you may use a hot tub.

Shark fin

Only he is in the water, and you get your cunnilingus at the same time. You need to lie down on a towel and move your hips to the side of the Jacuzzi. Spread your legs, place your feet in the water, and then give yourself to the power of his fingers and mouth. If he likes the massage of water jets, the process can be delayed.

Maximum immersion

Stay outside of the hot tub; you need to throw your legs over his shoulders. The partner at this time simply stands or kneels (it all depends on his mouth and the configuration of the font). This will allow you to observe safety precautions and have fun.


He needs to settle on a towel on his lap. Pour more lube on your partner. It should cover his thighs, genitals, and scrotum. Don't forget to cover your ass. Use a warm lubricant. Sit on top of your partner and make sliding movements.

Rubber duck

Making love in the water does not exclude pregnancy and infection. In addition, it harms individual protective equipment. It is better to stay on the shore and stock up on lube. Invite your partner to sit on the edge of the tub and put his feet into the water. Sit on his lap, facing the Jacuzzi, bend your legs. This will allow you to control the degree of its penetration. And he will be able to admire the water and your beautiful buttocks.

Rescue boat

If you do not doubt that the water is clean and safe, indulge in caresses in the Jacuzzi. But when you get excited, go back to the beach, dry off with towels, and lie on them facing each other. You need to wrap your legs around his hips and start moving. Make your water fantasies come true on the shore.