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Signs of unhealthy sexual relationships

Signs of unhealthy sexual relationships

All actions in bed must be performed by mutual consent. When we think about unhealthy sexual relationships, all sorts of sexual experiments come to mind initially, such as repeating a porn plot. But this is not the case. The desire to try something new is quite normal, as long as these experiments bring pleasure to both partners.

Let's discuss simple things that happen in the sexual sphere or in a relationship. Some banal signs indicate that it is worth examining your chosen one, most likely together with him you will not be happy.

He provokes feelings of embarrassment or shame

We all know that real sex is a little different from the picture that we see in porn. And the awkward sounds that the body makes, the lack of sufficient lubrication or an overabundance of it are normal phenomena. If your partner pays excessive attention to embarrassments, ridicules you or even shames you, then he is clearly not your significant other.

He insists on sexual experiments that are unacceptable to you

Sex should be pleasant to both participants in the process. Often girls try something new, wanting to please the guy, please him, and demonstrate their openness to experiments and freedom. But do not be silent if some actions disappointed you and did not bring pleasure. An adequate partner will always listen and will no longer repeat actions that the girl does not like. If the guy still insists and does not hear the desires and feelings of the partner, then the relationship with him should be terminated.

He doesn't take care of his or your sexual health

A guy who does not want to protect himself, does not visit a doctor, does not pay attention to the health of his partner and dissuades her from visiting a gynecologist is irresponsible, you do not need to listen to his arguments; it is easier to break up forever.

He is making fun of your erotic fantasies

This reaction can shake even the highest self-esteem. Close relationships imply unquestioning frankness and trust, and ridicule can destroy the nascent love and warm feelings.

He ignores your orgasm

Pleasure from sex should be received not only by a man, but also by a woman. Of course, not every sexual act ends in an orgasm, and this is normal. But a man should make an effort to satisfy his partner, and not just focus on himself.

He criticizes your appearance

Complexes about appearance prevent a woman from completely relaxing and enjoying sex. She will try to choose poses that do not show the flaws of the figure. A man should not instill complexes in a woman; even in a joking form, he should not criticize her appearance.

You don't like kissing him

This is the first sign that you shouldn't be together. Often we maintain a relationship because of a sense of habit, but the reluctance to kiss a partner indicates a loss of attraction, you do not need to force yourself.