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Signs that a woman is not ready for a new relationship

Signs that a woman is not ready for a new relationship

Relationship is all about responsibility, even if initially the girl just wanted to have pleasure or escape from obsessive thoughts about her ex. However, there is no need to strive to create a union if the woman is not willing to share her life with a man.

She's afraid to be alone

If a girl is afraid to stay at home alone or just be without a man, she should not hang out on dating sites, but seek advice from a psychotherapist. Or conduct deep introspection and understand the reason for these feelings. Otherwise, neither the man nor the relationship will help her feel confident again.

Often recalls past relationship

If a girl just analyzes the relationship with her ex and tries to understand what exactly happened and who is to blame, this is normal. But if she is just angry with the ex-boyfriend, blames him for something or misses him altogether, this is a bad sigh. In this case, she shouldn't start a new romance. One fire drives out another fire, but there is no guarantee that the girl will not constantly compare her new boyfriend with her ex. Therefore, before starting a new relationship, you need to finally deal with the past and burn bridges.

She is dissatisfied with herself and her life

On the one hand, sometimes women are afraid of relationships because they don't like their own bodies. On the other hand, they hang around the neck of every man to prove that the feeling of discomfort in no way prevents her from leading a busy life. This is not very good. A self-confident guy wants to see next to him the same holistic person with her own principles, hobbies and worldview. If a girl is trying to put a brave face on the defeat but in reality every evening she throws a tantrum and in every possible way demonstrates how unhappy she is with herself and her own life, the partner is unlikely to want to pull her out of depression all the time.

Wants to be like everyone else

This is one of the most common causes that leads a woman into toxic relationships. Why does this happen? Because all the girlfriends have been married for a long time, there is no one to even go to a cafe with, and the search for at least some man begins. However, this approach to choosing a partner often ends very badly. In such a relationship, the girl will constantly feel discomfort, or she simply will not be able to fall in love with the new guy.

Starts a relationship so that relativesdon't judge her

Our family wish the very best for us.  However, it seems to them that it is impossible to find happiness alone. Do not be led to such advice. You are the one to know better what you need. Everything is good in its time.