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6 signs that he only wants sex

6 signs that he only wants sex

There are obvious signs that, unfortunately, you mean absolutely nothing to a man. Pay attention to them in order to draw correct conclusions.

Just sex, without any romance, idealization and feelings, is often the ideal option for a relationship. Indeed, it is very convenient: both get pleasure, but at the same time there are no strings attached.

However, mostly men prefer such relationships. Women are emotional and it is more difficult for them to start intimate relationships without becoming close to a partner. As a result, they start expecting more from a man and a man has to pretend and hide his thoughts.

So, let's see what signs clearly indicate that a man only wants sex from you.

Talking only about intimacy

You tell your partner that you have been promoted at work, and he says that the office dress code makes you especially sexy and attractive. You are anxious about a conflict with a friend, and he tells you with an oily smile that he knows a great way to relieve stress. You share funny vacation stories, and he is only interested in your bikini photos. In other words, if after each conversation with a man it seems to you that he only cares about sex, then most likely you are right.

No shared plans

If you offer to spend time without intimacy, your partner doesn't agree and pretends to be busy. Dating with him is all about eating pizza and going to the cinema because he doesn't want to spend time and money on you.

He does not introduce you to friends

And even more so to relatives. If a man really likes you, he will introduce you to his friends. If your romance has been going on for several months, but you have never been invited to a friendly get-together, a friendly meeting or a family dinner, then your partner simply does not consider you as his girlfriend.

Compliments only about appearance

Simple compliments designed to get laid are: "You smell amazing", "You have such an appetizing ass", "Your legs are driving me crazy", "I want to kiss these lips endlessly" and, of course,  "I want to drown in your bottomless eyes." Before you let such platitudes lull your vigilance, ask yourself if your partner notes your sense of humor, shares your hobbies, is interested in your plans, or whether his admiration is only about your body.

You don't have breakfast together

Even more, you almost never sleep together - after intimacy he leaves immediately telling you that he has lots of things to do) or hints that you need to disappear ... Sincere conversations, affectionate hugs and joint preparation of coffee with an omelet are clearly not included in his plans.

He gets angry if you refuse from sex

If you don't feel like having sex, a loving man will gladly spend time with you without any sex. But if a man can't hide his frustration, then it's probably not your man.