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10 sure signs that your relationship is about to collapse

10 sure signs that your relationship is about to collapse

Many people believe that breaking up can be triggered by a single event, for example, the betrayal of one of the partners. But in reality, this process takes a certain amount of time.

Experts have named warning signals that the relationship is in danger of breaking apart.

"We" turns into "I"

Most couples decide to get married because they feel they are one. “We” usually receive invitations to events or are presented as such in society. A clear symptom of an imminent breakup - partners begin to use "I" more often in speech than "we".

Comparisons begin

You start comparing your relationship with that of other couples and focus on what is missing. Or draw parallels between current and past relationships, focusing on the benefits of the latter.

Divergence of interests

As a rule, our attention is attracted by people with similar interests and principles. Lovers try to focus on what they have in common. Those who are not interested in a partner focus more on their own hobbies, often regardless of their partner.

Striving for something better

A clear sign that you have stopped loving your partner is dissatisfaction with the relationship. You understand that your needs are not being met.

Feeling a lack of positive emotions and interactions

Psychologist John Gottman believes that a 5: 1 ratio of positive to negative interactions should be used to avoid breaking up. Thus, 5 positive emotions or interactions fall on 1 negative one.

Attention to disagreement

At the stage of forming a relationship, we try to find similarities with a partner. And when relationship start to fall apart, we focus on contradictions as much as possible.

Lost enthusiasm

Many relationships fall apart when one or both partners get bored in the relationship. Loss of enthusiasm can lead to seeking something new.

One is developing and the other is not

When you are trying to improve, and your partner is not making any effort to develop, this is a wake-up call - the paths may soon go their separate ways.

Less and less time spent together

One of the obvious symptoms that a relationship is about to end is that partners are spending less time together. And they do it on purpose.

Stop trying

Relationships need to be constantly worked on. This is everyday work. To build a long and successful relationship, both partners must invest time and energy. If one, or both stop making efforts, this is an alarming sign.