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5 steps to bring intimacy back

5 steps to bring intimacy back

As a rule, lack of sex is not a problem in a couple. Or, we can say, it is a problem, but the reasons lie deeper.

It often haappens that at the beginning of a relationship a couple has sex quite often, but then they have children and new obligations and sex takes a back seat in the couple.

Talk about the problem

It's a challenging step, but you should dare. It's essential not to put it off if the problem appeared months or years ago. If you feel uncomfortable, try doing it in written form first.

Find a real problem

Of course, not having sex is a problem, but as a rule, it's just a consequence. Maybe, you have some problems with children or finance. All of these influences your emotion state. If the problem is connected with sex, usually it means that woman is not sure in her man and is afraid to be unsatisfied.

Don't forget about physical contact

Very often kisses and hugs disappear with the sex. One partner is afraid of refusal and the other seeks hundreds of reasons not to hug. Make it a rule: kiss each other every day and fondle while watchinf movies.

Don't hurry

If cuddling appeared in your life, don't hurry with sex. Don't demand too much from your partner. Slow down.

Visit sexologist

It's for those who are desparate and in situation when other methodes don't work. Visiting a specialist is a great option. A sexologist will help you find true reasons and bring harmony back to your sexul life.