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Syabitova explained the danger of sex-gift for man on February 23

Syabitova explained the danger of sex-gift for man on February 23

A categorical protest about gifts with sexual overtones on defender of the Fatherland Day was expressed by the host of «‎Let's get married» Roza Syabitova. In her official statement to «Ridus», the country's chief matchmaker noted that girls often sin by excessive displays of emotions and give what attracts them, instead of giving their loved ones really practical and useful gifts.

The TV presenter denies too hackneyed versions of gifts, such as socks or a razor, because men do not get a real sense of happiness and pleasant surprises from such presents.

Teddy bears were classified as gifts that are too «heartwarming» and not suitable for truly masculine guys.

In the plane of sexual gifts, both brought as presents, and underwear on girls, Syabitova does not recommend moving, because the holiday may be unexpectedly spoiled. She warns against excessive displays of imagination of the spouse after such unambiguous gifts.

Rosa Syabitova recommends that you first calculate what men would like to receive as a gift on this significant occasion, and start directly from the preferences of your second half if you want to certainly arrange a surprise for him.