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The best ways of female masturbation

The best ways of female masturbation

Every normal person is familiar with masturbation. And person is not necessarily lonely. Because sex is sex and masturbation is itself.

It is a small joy for which you do not have to pay anything. Only you and your own body are involved. It does not require efforts to find a partner, energy to communicate with him, helps to relieve tension and fatigue. And most importantly, masturbation is safe and certain.

In the same way as in traditional sex, in masturbation sometimes you want variety. And if men have a small set in this sense, women do not miss the opportunity to show creativity. Inflamed by desire, they gratify themselves with such objects as one would never think could serve that purpose. When I broached the subject among my female friends, I was struck by the power of invention of some of them. Until this I regarded, that cucumbers are only in jokes (here I am such a naive). And there are used not only cucumbers!

And, of course, these girls can not be considered vile perverts. The fact is that masturbation for a woman is something more than an act of self-satisfaction. It's not like a man's «I'm talking to myself quietly.» There is some spiritual excitement in female masturbation. And the more original the subject is, the higher is the excitement.

Subjects, as I said, are very different. And in this regard, masturbation can be divided into several types.

Masturbation shower

It is one of the most common species. Its implementation requires a properly installed shower. That is, it should not be static, as in the American standard, but removable. And preferably with a removable spray. Of great importance in this case is the strength of the pressure of hot water - the quality and duration of orgasm depends on it. Water masturbation is good because it may be done when the house is full of people (in the case of children's holidays or seasonal raid of relatives from Severodvinsk, for example). And coming out of the bath with a languid gaze, you can throw around: «Oh, I always relax from hot water...»

Hygienic masturbation

It is also associated with water treatments, but only therapeutic. To do this, the syringe as large as possible is filled with a weak solution of chamomile or simply boiled water. Everything is done according to the same scheme as usual douching. With the only difference that now this process becomes more meaningful, and its speed depends on the personal temperament of the douching female. It is important not to overdo it – the procedure requires accuracy.

Masturbation with vibration

It may participate: phalluses from a sex shop, a dental electric brush, vibro-massagers and, oddly enough, an acoustic column from a stereo system with a good low-frequency speaker. In the first three cases, everything is clear: I pressed the button – and started. With column, of course, it is harder. First, the speaker should be placed so that the sound accurately falls into the places most sensitive to vibration. In order to do this, it is better to saddle the column. Secondly, it is necessary to choose high-quality records. They should be dynamic, with strong percussion and unbreakable rhythm. For these purposes, Kiss, Metallika, AC/DC are quite suitable. The sound at the same time switches to the fullest.

Organic masturbation

Refers to masturbate with organic matter: with cucumbers, carrots, bananas (I do not recommend the eggplant). Experienced people say that it is better to use a condom – to protect yourself... from bacteria, of course.

Perfume amusements

In this context, ball deodorants are acquiring another valuable property. Not only do they not destroy the ozone layer, so they can still be used for certain purposes. For penetration, bottles of streamlined shape are good (of course, they need to wear a condom, so that nothing is lost or spilled along the way), and for external use, the shape does not matter. The main thing is that the ball was in place, and the deodorant substance already was over, as lubricants of this kind can cause harm.

Toy masturbation...

I mean with toys. Especially popular in this form are domestic plastic hares, dogs and donkeys. A special buzz, if they are in the plastic pimples. Ah, represent, such red plastic hare, the entire in incomprehensible pimples – whether it has such skin or whether it has such coloring. Well, if the animal has extremely long ears, the tail, or it is small and streamlined. Also successful are inflatable Disney characters: Dalmatians and ducklings. And one friend told me a touching story about how in her early youth she adapted Mickey Mouse for this occupation. It was a rag, but with a plastic muzzle. So here is his plastic nose she and took a fancy to. Not children's toys, rather all kinds of them from sex shops, are also popular, but less.

Exotic masturbation

It tends to those who love the exotic and original thoughts. This kind is not mass. And I honestly don't know if anyone here can compete with my two girlfriends. For example, one of them loves when she is given twigs of wild orchids. She gets joy not only from flowers, but also test tubes with a special solution in which orchids are stored longer. These tubes are plastic with phallic shape... She says masturbation with an orchid is very romantic. And another friend sometimes has fun with a lamp-minion (which is similar to the flame of a candle). The fact that the lamp may break, it doesn't bother, but on the contrary, excites even more. That's it! …


This is the most primitive kind of masturbation and the most common. It requires nothing but the dexterous and indefatigable hands of the woman herself.

As a rule, masturbation occurs to the accompaniment of television moans of porn stars, measured male snoring or their own fantasies. Of course, you cannot embrace the immensity and write about everything that can participate in this process. The world around us is rich, and our imagination is even richer. As for me personally, I am a hopeless conservative and would not trade a shower and the middle finger of my right hand for anything. And as for the dilemma mentioned in the title, I hope that, whatever heights of sensuality masturbation may have brought for you, you will never give up with ordinary sex. First, there are two pleasures that may be alternated. And secondly, neither one shower will replace the warm human words, for what reason the scientists are talking about here.