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The doctor named the optimal amount of sex per week for health maintenance

The doctor named the optimal amount of sex per week for health maintenance

There are topics where everyone tries to show himself as an expert. Sex is one of these areas. Everyone, for sure, wants to pass as a sexual giant who knows everything about pleasure. This theory is also proved by the fact that a negligible percentage of people turn to sexologists. The rest believe that they have a complete order with their personal life.

Many believe that there is such a thing as a normal frequency of sexual acts and try to follow it. Sometimes this goes against even psychological and physiological health.

As the doctor-sexologist notes, there is such a concept of conditional-physiological rhythm. The abbreviation in medicine it is called the CPR. This is not a standard that must be followed so that no one suspects you have problems in the intimate sphere. But it is considered that a normal sex life is having sex at least twice a week. This is the average norm for people with different temperaments and sexual Constitution. If a person has sex less often than he needs by nature, then he feels depressed and nervous. The quality of life deteriorates, and it becomes bland.

If you have too much sex, then this is also wrong and has its consequences. Over time, sex will begin to get boring and stop bringing pleasure. In everything, you need a measure that you should define for yourself on an intuitive level.

The sexologist named cases when it is better to abstain from sexual intercourse. These include, for example, the evening before the important event that requires maximum concentration. On the eve of such days, a person is focused and tense. If you relax it with sex, the efficiency will be lower than we would like. After the event, you can already engage in sexual intercourse and remove the accumulated tension.