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The most comfortable sex positions for stout people

The most comfortable sex positions for stout people

Research show that people with excess weight get much more pleasure from sex compared to slim people. But their constitution prevents them from having sex in classic positions. Such people should pay attention to other positions that allow them to fully enjoy intimacy.

Man behind

Fat lovers often choose a dog-style position. A man approaches his partner from behind and easily penetrates her vagina, in a few minutes the partners may cum. At the same time, lovers do not cause discomfort to each other due to weight. The rhythm and speed of movement remain stable.


The pose is great for overweight men with a big belly. You may have fun even being overwight. Having relaxed, the man does not feel tired, giving his partner his body for sexual pleasure.

If a woman is overweight, she needs to practice the cowgirln position with her back to her lover. She can rest with one or two feet at once on the floor. This pose works well for making love on a couch.

Positions on the side

In such positions, the genitals are in close contact even if the paartners are overwight. Positions on the side give a lot of pleasure when having sex. They will provide deep penetration of the penis into the vagina, allowing you to get maximum pleasure.

Position: the woman is lying, the man is standing.

This is the position for stout people too. The woman needs to lie on her back, close to the edge of the sofa. It be comfortable if she places her hips on the armrest. Legs should be slightly spred. The partner should be standing. In such a position, the G-spot is stimulated. A man can pet his partner's clitoris, breasts and other erogenous areas. Excess weight don't spoil the pleasure of both partners.

In this position, you can make love on the table to make sex more varied. A great option for a bright, spontaneous intimacy.

Foreplay and excess weight

Fat partners often have difficulty with lovemaking positions. But it doesn't concern foreplay. Curvy forms open up a lot of possibilities for arousal.

Blowjob and cunnilingus

Excess weight and unaesthetic folds in the waist area in no way interfere with the enjoyment of oral sex. This can be done while lying down. Hormones are thrown into partners' blood and they get much pleasure. These hormones increase sex drive, oral sex will allow you to get more pleasure from intimacy.


Fondling a curvy partner is much more pleasant than a thin one. Fat women and men are softer to the touch, and because of the excessive production of pleasure hormones, they quickly become excited, respond better to gentle stimulation.

The pleasure skinny people don't get

Stout ladies often have big bust. Such breasts resemble fruit poured with juice, it is pleasant to feel it. Men are especially pleased with the stimulation of their genitals with a bust. The frictions performed by rounded shapes accelerate ejaculation, the man loses control over himself.

Being overweight is not a reason to refuse from sex. Even in classic poses, it is possible to have fun, despite the excess weight.