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The most common myths about women's sexual preferences are named

The most common myths about women's sexual preferences are named

Many representatives of the stronger sex have some stereotypes associated with the preferences of women in intimacy.

Let's look at the most popular of them and try to debunk the myths that you definitely should not believe in. What does a woman really want in sex?

The length of the penis

I do not want to upset the owners of an impressive phallus, but not all ladies are interested in its length. Despite the fact that there is an ingrained opinion that size is extremely important for women, in fact this is not quite true.

Dutch scientists found that only 1% of young ladies consider the length of the penis "very important" in sex. For 20%, this parameter is "important". Another 22% of women said they "don't care at all." And more than half of the respondents, 55%, admitted that the size of a man's penis is "unimportant" for them.

So focus on skills, not length. Just the ability to properly dispose of a dick is appreciated by women all over the world.

Men with dense hair-covering

If earlier it was believed that a man is allowed to be slightly prettier than an ape, then gradually this statement began to lose its relevance. Current trends call for the stronger sex to get rid of excess hair-covering.

However, there is one thing: ladies love men with body hair. Here, however, you need to make an amendment regarding the neat length and pleasant appearance of hair-covering. The thickets on the back and in the groin area still need to be put in order and only then invite the young lady to bed.


If it is extremely important for a man to deliver an orgasm to a woman, then representatives of the weaker sex do not particularly dwell on this. So don't use your dick like a jackhammer. Hold your horses.

Focus on the pleasure of the process. Maintain visual contact, shower her with kisses, throw passionate glances. All this will help her get excited, and you both will experience maximum pleasure.

Remember, every woman has her own preferences in sex, so following a certain instruction is at least stupid. Explore her preferences, sensitive spots, and give the heavenly bliss. She will definitely reciprocate, you may be sure!

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