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The most favorite places for sex among girls

The most favorite places for sex among girls

The bed is probably the first association that occurs in my head when I mention sex. Making love in it is soft and comfortable. If a couple has a spacious and cozy bed, then, it would seem; you cannot dream of more. However, a survey commissioned by a mattress company showed that the fair sex wants something completely different.

3 thousand women participated in the poll. They were asked the question: "What place, in your opinion, is ideal for having sex?"

Surprisingly, most of the respondents said that they love stairs more than other places in the house, and indeed on the planet...

Why the stairs attract women so much is still unclear. However, if you think about it, the stairs provide excellent opportunities for all sorts of fancy poses. In addition, it often has a railing that acts as an additional support.

Next in the ranking are sex in a public place and sex on the beach.

Maybe one day researchers will still be able to find out the reason for the unprecedented popularity of steps among women. In the meantime, you may take this information into account and assign your beloved a romantic date in a place where there is a staircase. Surprise her!