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The optimal time for sex was called

The optimal time for sex was called

This time, the scientists also got to such a sacred question as the time of day that is most suitable for having sex. And if you think that the answer is simple - "whenever", then you are not alone, we also thought so. However, from the point of view of medicine, this is the wrong answer.

The study was commissioned by an English company that produces vitamins and dietary supplements. We studied the personal data and medical indicators of thousands of people who regularly have sex. And here's what we found out.

It is best to indulge in passion at 07:45 in the morning. Yes, that's right, it is during this period when you are running around the house, screaming: "Has anyone seen my second sock with daisies?!" It turns out that it is more correct to have sex at this time. Now we'll tell you why.

Since the average wake-up time among the respondents was at 7 am (they clearly do not earn money by freelancing), by 07:45 they were already fully awake, were cheerful and energetic. Thanks to the release of endorphin into the blood, the hormone that accompanies love joys, blood pressure decreased and mood improved.

So after the morning sex, you will become the most optimistic and productive employee, who so infuriates with his satisfied appearance the dejected colleagues.