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Who is on top: the pros and cons of the horsewoman pose in sex are named

Who is on top: the pros and cons of the horsewoman pose in sex are named

The pose of a rider, or, more simply, a woman on top, is very popular with the stronger sex. This is not at all surprising, since it allows men to relax and have fun.

Consider the advantages and disadvantages of this sex pose.

The benefits of the pose of a rider

So, the advantages should include:

1. Visual contact. This position allows you to look into each other's eyes, which is of great importance for many couples. So you will enjoy not only the process itself, but also the emotional intimacy with your partner.

2. The opportunity to relax for a man. The pose of the rider allows the representative of the stronger sex for once to stop thinking about the orgasm of a woman, just enjoying what is happening. Sometimes it is very useful to transfer the reins of power into the hands of a partner.

3. Comfort for women. In this position, she can keep the process under control by adjusting the pace, depth and angle of penetration. This will allow her to experience the maximum of pleasant sensations and avoid discomfort.

4. Demonstration of the figure. A woman gets the opportunity to show off her delicious forms while making love in the pose of a rider. A man may caress the breasts, buttocks and belly of his beloved, giving her additional pleasure.

At first glance, everything is fine, but without a fly in the ointment will not do.

Disadvantages of the rider's pose

About the disadvantages of the position so beloved by men:

1. Rapid fatigue. To have sex in this position, a woman must have good physical training, because her legs quickly become numb and begin to hurt. So it is better to start the night from this position, so that later you may change it and bring your partner to the culminating point.

2. High risk of injury. In a fit of passion, you can overdo it and injure the penis. Therefore, it is necessary to control the movements of the partner and the angle of penetration.

Love each other, make love and remember that sex is not only pleasant, but also very useful!

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