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The reasons for men’s masturbation

The reasons for men’s masturbation

Look if your partner masturbates – it is very important! You can find many useful things in the -masturbation.

The absence of other people during masturbation is a usual thing with teenagers.  And you are mistaken if you think you are refused to observe his actions with the penis. About 50% of the teenagers had such experience.

If he doesn’t want to masturbate, take the initiative, that is his penis, in your own hands. Caress the penis and when it is hard, give it to his hands. Tell him the truth that you want to see how he does it with his hands.

For what do you do it?

- Firstly, you get excited.

- Secondly, you see the unusualness of satisfaction of his sexual desire.

Look and memorize.

It is very important how he directs his hands.

Only he knows how to treat his penis correctly. Sometimes you can hear his complaints that ladies caress his penis not intensively and slowly or prolong the process as a sailor – a mooring rope.

Catch the rhythm of his movements. Let your hands move in the way his hands do.

Look at your guy’s hands, the power and ways of their movements, if he uses two hands and if he caresses his own genitals.

When he has an orgasm, see how your partner behaves himself, how his hands move, how he behaves after ejaculation, what position his body occupies.

As sexologists confirm, the representatives of the stronger sex has desire to masturbate in the genes and on the whole this first sexual action turns out to be an attachment for all their life. Probably, it is important and you have an opportunity to intensify an orgasm with the help of your own nice hands.

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