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The secret of women whom men categorically do not want to let out of the bedroom is revealed

The secret of women whom men categorically do not want to let out of the bedroom is revealed

In order for sex to be perfect, a woman must be creative and willing to experiment. If she's smart, she's curious. Realizing that sex is an integral part of our lives, she will definitely study the literature on this topic.

We present to your attention 6 secrets of perfect sex from real queens in bed.

Experience an orgasm "on schedule"

Organize an original sex marathon: set yourself a goal, for example, to reach an orgasm every day at 22 hours, regardless of how exhausted you are at work, angry at your partner or spilled a cocktail on your favorite blouse. Solo or in a duet, but you must experience the pleasure in any case! Put your own sexuality as a priority and you will feel much more confident and serene. In principle, even the idea that every day you will conquer the peak of pleasure, even for a short moment, looks extremely tempting.

Openly discuss intimate topics

There are parents who tell their children that it is a shame to talk about "this" out loud. They go so far in their resourcefulness and absurdity that they start writing various horror stories: "When you talk about sex, somewhere in the world a kitten dies." And who wants to be a bloodthirsty killer of cute, innocent animals? As a result, we grow up with the firm belief that talking about personal matters with loved ones is extremely indecent. In addition, just looseness in discussing intimate issues with those to whom we have confidence, makes us more relaxed in bed. You can take my word for it, even if you read this text out loud, not a single kitten was injured.

Give your brain a rest

The highest percentage of impotence, frigidity and dissatisfaction with intimate life was recorded among intellectual workers. And, by the way, it should make you think. If you are experiencing mental and nervous stress, try to periodically unload your head. Set aside half an hour a day for a walk in the fresh air, while walking at a leisurely pace, focus on your own breathing. This simple everyday practice will help you relieve tension and have a positive impact on the sexual sphere.

Train your intimate muscles

Kegel exercises help strengthen the muscles of the uterus and pelvic floor, are an excellent preventive measure against many gynecological diseases and significantly improve the quality of sex. And the best part is that they may be performed at any time, no matter if you are sitting, lying down, driving a car, in a cafe or right now, when you are reading this article. All you need to do is squeeze your pelvic floor muscles tightly, count to 8, and gradually relax them. Repeat this exercise 10 times 3 times a day, and new unusual sensations in sex are guaranteed.

Change your diet

The study, which was published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, found a link between high cholesterol and arousal. Harmful cholesterol clogs blood vessels and prevents blood from circulating normally, including in the pelvis and genitals. This reduces libido and makes it harder to reach an orgasm. If you want to fully enjoy yourself, consume as little animal fat as possible, and also try not to eat products that have undergone industrial processing. And remember about aphrodisiac products: these are nuts, oysters, avocado, bitter chocolate, strawberries, seasonings (curry, cardamom, cinnamon).

Set aside 3 minutes for pleasant words

Try to replace one negative thought about your own body with a compliment every day. And you need to spend at least 3 minutes on this. Standing in front of the bathroom mirror, say that your tummy looks very cute, instead of slapping yourself on it and frowning with displeasure. Each time, go to a new part of the body and seriously say something nice about it. The therapeutic effect will not be long in coming: you will stop worrying about the fact that your partner will see the defects of your figure in bed, and you will experience the coolest orgasm in your life. Love yourself and your body, and you will be happy!

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